Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Busy Christmas

Graduation, wedding, birthday, Christmas and snowy days all packed into one full week. The week started out with my friend's graduation. Ashley plans to move to Las Vegas for an engineering job. I will be sad to see her leave, but I can always go visit!

Me with the happy graduate.

Next was another friends wedding. She is now Mrs. Jennifer Smith, so exciting. Watching her wedding brought back so many great memories of mine and Jesse's wedding.
I did not get my picture with the bride, but I did get a picture with one of my best friends, Chelsea, who I had not seen in months.
The same day as my friends wedding was my nephews 2nd birthday. Jesse and I got
him a tractor or a "choo choo" as my nephew calls it. He calls many things "choo choo's." To celebrate his birthday we went to downtown Guthrie where everything had been decorated for Christmas and people were dressed up like people back from the Victorian age. It was fun. The girls decided to go on a carriage ride.
Mom and Lillian on the carriage ride.
My sister, Amy, and I on the carriage ride. The boys did not want to go on the ride.
Finally Christmas! Jesse and I spent Christmas day with my family this year. We even had a white Christmas, which we have not had in a long time. The snow was beautiful and we all had so much fun playing in it. My mom, brother and even niece had their 4 wheelers with them so we drove them around, we sled and of course through a few snow balls at each other. What a fun holiday.
Dressed in our Christmas best. Mom and I playing an intense game on the wii. Even Nathan wanted to play the wii. He had watched us adults play it all day, so he knew exactly what to do.
Starting to snow.
Lillian on her 4 wheeler. It was just her size.
The giant hill that Jesse made me sled down...very scary, but fun. The hill is bigger then it seems in the photo, just ask anyone who was standing at the top looking down.
Next stop, Knoxville Tennessee. Jesse and I will leave Tuesday so pray for a safe journey. We can't wait to spend more time with family.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Jesse and I went shopping for my first real Christmas tree this morning and it was so much fun! There is a tree farm called Santa's forest close to Ponca City. There were pre-cut trees and trees you had to cut down, of course we chose the tree you had to cut yourself. They gave us a hand saw and off we went into the field to find the perfect tree for us.

The pictures below show the process we went through to get our perfect tree:

The field of Christmas trees.

The lucky winner.Jesse with the hand saw about to cut down our tree.
Here he goes.
Yes, even I got my turn at cutting the tree.
Did you know that these trees are actually yellow when they are grown and they have to spray paint them green to get that beautiful color? I didn't until today, but it does not look cheesy and the trees smell wonderful.
Next we had to decorate.

The finished product!

After we tackled the tree project, I started my own wreath making project. I had bought a lot of the items before Thanksgiving 1/2 off, but refused to start working on it until after Thanksgiving.

I found these great little bunches of decorations. My theme for the wreath is red and gold.

I tied the bunches onto the wreath and added a gold bow. I decided to tie on the decoration with string, that way if I ever wanted to change out my colors it would be easy to do so. It was pretty easy to make and much cheaper then one you would buy in a store.
Hanging on the famous 513.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wedding Photos

Jesse and I have a few of our wedding photos on my Facebook page. There a lot more great family photos, so if you would like a specific picture let me know.

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