Saturday, September 17, 2011

Orange Power

For all of you Oklahoma State University fans, I know you know what "Orange Power" means. However, I am talking about a different kind of "Orange Power." I am talking about the power the color orange has over me this fall.

Let me just say it, I am tired of summer.

I want fall to come so desperately so I can wear cooler weather items, however in Houston this may not happen until November.

For some reason I am attracted to the color orange this season. Let me just say that I look terrible in the color orange. It is just not my color, yet I still keep trying on cute orange things, just hoping one of the items will go with my fair, yellow under-toned skin.

If you see me wearing orange (outside an OSU football game), please don't tell me I look washed out, because more than likely, I already know this. I just couldn't help myself :)

Oh and GO POKES!

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