Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rock Climbing Fun

This weekend Jesse and I stayed in the Ponc and hung out with friends. Friday we had dinner and hung out with our friends Katie and Logan and their three-year-old son, Hank (he is so adorable). Then on Sunday afternoon we drove to Stillwater and went climbing on a rock climbing wall at the Colvin Center on Oklahoma State University's campus. We had a great time. Jesse climbed a few times, once was enough for me. It wears you out! My arms and legs will be feeling it tomorrow.

Before our adventure

Just getting started

Made it

Jesse mastered the wall

Hank had to show us all how it was done

Katie and Logan with Hank swinging on the ropes in the background

After a few hours of rock climbing we went to Orange Leaf, so yummy. I thought it was called Orange Tree, so I wonder if Orange Leaf is a branch (no pun intended) of Orange Tree. Anyone know the difference?

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love New Hair Cuts!

Today was a big day for me; I got a new hair cut. I was nervous, the lady who cut my hair has only done it one other time and it was just a trim. I really liked her, but you can't really mess up a trim so it was hard to judge if she would do a good job. However, she did a wonderful job and I am very pleased with the results.

Reasons for hair cut:
1. It was time. I had been putting off the after-wedding hair cut for to long.
2. Jesse and I are taking a trip to the Virgin Islands and I wanted something cool (as in temperature and style) and something that would not take long to fix.
3. My hair was just getting to long. I would get rats nest in my hair around my neck when I wore it down...gross.
4. We live in an apartment and our shower pressure is terrible. It would take forever to wash my hair, almost to the point to where I did not look forward to washing my hair at all.

Before Pictures

I will miss my beautiful, long hair, but it can always grow back.

After Pictures

Total damage: 6 inches cut off!
The best part about it was I got to donate my hair to the non-profit organization Locks of Love (, which provides hair to children with long-term hair loss conditions. I have always wanted to donate, but my hair was never long enough. They changed their regulations from 10 inches to 6 inches. I just barely made to cut, no pun intended. I checked the website and it still says 10 inches but the hair stylist said it has changed, so if you are interested I would get all the facts straight. The stylist said even if my hair is not long enough then the organization can still sale my hair to wig companies for money. Either way, glad I could help.

I am in love with the new hairstyle! I am glad I got over my nervousness and finally cut my hair. I might even go shorter with it next time.
What do you all think? Like the look? Think I could go shorter?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Yesterday(2-13-10) Jesse turned 24 years old. We started the day off right by sleeping in and then eating cinnamon rolls, yummy. Everything Jesse did that day was followed by him saying "It is my birthday." I guess that meant he was allowed to do anything he wanted.
Jesse's Birthday balloons.

Present time!

Jesse was pretty excited about the GPS.

After a full Saturday of doing nothing but watching basketball and the Olympics we went out to eat at Red Lobster in Stillwater. I had the coconut shrimp (so good) and Jesse and some steak and shrimp combo. And of course we took leftovers home and we made sure we had plenty of those biscuits in our to go boxes.

All dressed up for dinner.

Happy Birthday Jesse!

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