Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures with Gramma and Pops

It was spring break for many schools in Texas and all across the country, but being the adults that we are with no school-age children, it was just another week...but a little more special since Gramma and Pops came to visit Emerson (and us). That gave us a great excuse to get out and play!

A glimpse of our week...
Play time with Pops!
Just a happy boy cruising along the furniture.
Reading his new book "Sheep in a Jeep"
One of his favorite new games to play...Peek-A-Boo behind our curtains
Emerson loved playing in his new car seat, although not a big fan of sitting in it while its in the car : )
Time to play outside and get our hands dirty
I just love this photo. A little blurry, but this as the reaction Emerson had when Jesse came home.

Gramma brought us Jesse's first birthday outfit to try on Emerson. He was so cute in it!

Playing with his new toy, a sensory board.

Despite his face, Emerson had a great time at the zoo and it was a beautiful day

Our final stop while they visited was the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

What a great "spring break" we all had!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Eleven Months Old: Cruisin'

Pants suddenly too short, little arms able to reach things on our counter tops, gained almost a pound in two weeks...yep, we have hit a growth spurt!

Gramma and Pops were visiting so they kept Emerson entertained while I snapped photos, hence all the side shots.

Here is a breakdown of all his activities this month:

Sleeping: Still sleeping through the night, minus the occasional wake-up, but he usually goes right back to sleep with out assistance.

Eating: He is starting to show preference over certain foods. Some days he loves one food and the next he wants nothing to do with it. In general though, he loves all food. His newest thing is throwing the food on the floor when he doesn't want it, so I am working on teaching him to put the food in his mouth or it gets taken away.

Activity: Last month was all about pulling up on the furniture and this month it is all about cruising around on the furniture. Just another step closer to walking. My house is not ready for a toddler Emerson.

Showing off his long tongue!
Doctor visit stats:

Emerson was acting all out of sorts one week and something just wasn't right to me, so I took him to the doctor. Well, I think I have been labeled "that mom" that comes in for every little thing at the doctors office. The only thing I think they found "wrong" with him was maybe allergies. In my defense, he did have a few hives pop on his skin (I didn't know it was a hive), and it freaked me out. And now that I look back at it, the growth spurt was probably causing the extra fussy/clinginess. Anyway, from that visit I leaned that he weights right at 20 lbs.


Likes, dislikes and other milestones:

          • First illness struck this month, he had a cold/fever plus ear infection. On a positive note, he was extra snugly with me :)
          • Knows how to take the caps off ink pens and is pretty proud of himself when he does it
          • Went to the zoo for the first time, he loved it
          • Starting to get little curls on the back of his head
          • Becoming quite the little parrot! He tries to mimic a lot of the sounds/words we make. So far he has said "all done," "night, night," "quack, quack"
          • He is finding his voice and can get pretty loud
          • Has two new teeth, six total
          • Now goes down for his naps on his own
          • Started to refuse sitting in his car seat. Thankfully that phase passed within a week
          • Emerson's new cousin finally arrived, Archer Steven Kirkpatrick!
          • Stood alone for a few seconds
          • Gramma and Pops came to visit
          He didn't want to sit much for this photo shoot.

          Things to look forward to:
          • Weekend with just daddy!
          • Attending my best friends wedding
          • Preparing for the big first birthday

          Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Emerson's room!

          I failed to do a "nursery reveal" when Emerson was just a little baby and it now seems like the word "nursery" is outdated considering he is almost one, but none-the-less I want to show a few photos of Emerson's whale themed room.


          The poor child is so deprived of color. We decided not to paint the walls because painting terrifies us, which if you have ever been to our very beige walled house, you will understand that about us. Oh well, I am sure there will come a day when he wants to paint his room the color of his choosing, so I will save my energy for then : )
          Thanks for taking the tour!

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