Friday, February 3, 2017

Herny Turns TWO!

Raise your hand if you are super cute and two years old!

T.W.O. I can't believe this little boy is two years old. I officially no longer have babies in my house. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. But I'm even less sure on how I feel about having two toddlers in my house. Eek!

What a busy year. Changing from a one year old to a two year old might be my most favorite year. There's growth with every year, but there is something about the transition from a baby to a toddler that is so much fun.

Henry is funny, outgoing, rambunctious, sweet and snuggly. I'm so thankful for that last one (snuggly) and hoping it doesn't fade away.

This is what he does when I say "smile". He gives me this goofy smirk.

Having a toddler doesn't come without it's challenges of course. Henry is also stubborn and bossy. The boy can throw down the word "no" faster than I can even spit out my question or command. Henry can you...NO!. Even his yeses start with the word "no". Henry do want so candy?...Noyesss. lol.
 I'm pretty sure he thinks he's the boss around our house despite my power to put him in a timeout...which I most certainly use.

Henry now wears 2T clothes (3T pjs), weighs 28 lbs (79%), and is 3 ft tall (94%). He's a big boy, much bigger than Emerson was at this age.

Those eyes just melt me.

His best and funniest physical quality is his hair! It can put most 80's hairstyles to shame. I mean look at this height. It naturally sticks straight up and it's impossible to tame.

p.s. this is the smashed down and gelled hair version.

And of course we couldn't take some photos without Emerson. This maybe one of the most fun and challenging things about this year. Watching their relationship grow. They are so amazing to watch play together. They really do act like best friends. They always give big hugs to each other, especially when they've gone most of day at school without seeing each other. Their welcome hug could put tears in any mother's eyes. They also fight like brothers, which has led to more tears than I ever imagined. I definitely think the pros out weigh the cons on this one though. : )

Post photo popsicles for the win.

So what's next for this big two year old? A big boy bed and potty training! It will be a year full of adventure and work on our parts as we help him grow into a little boy.

And lastly, I leave you with these few funny outtakes. Not every photo can be a winner.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas...And a Happy New Year!

Whew. What a busy, yet fun time of year. Our holiday season was filled with travel, fun, family, and two happy little boys when it came to gift opening time : )

Christmas Round One.

Started off with a bang with a trip to the ER for Jesse. He crashed on a dirt bike right before we were going to do our family of four Christmas. He damaged his shoulder (later to learn he had a separated shoulder). All is OK now.

The accident sure didn't stop these boys from being excited about opening gifts. Henry was the shocker this year. He LOVED all of it and got super excited when he would open anything. It was adorable.

Christmas Round Two.

A stop in Nashville to spend some time with Aunt Molly, Uncle Jonathan and Cassidy. A quick visit with Jesse's grandparents on the farm as we drove out of Nashville, and then it was on to Knoxville to see Gramma, Pops, Uncle Evan, Aunt Lea, more great grandparents...and Aunt Molly, Uncle Jonathan and Cassidy again.

Cassidy was full of sweet hugs for her aunt!

Only at a great-grandparents house do you get away with eating ice cream and cookies at 9 a.m.

Playing on Gramma's Dulcimer very carefully. This boy was born to play music.

On our way to Jump Jam trampoline park.

We think Pops had the most fun.

This is what happens when you spend an hour jumping and then decide to skip nap. He finally crashed around 5 p.m.

Baking our cake for Santa.

A Merry McKee Christmas!

Christmas Round Three.

My parents came to visit us around New Years weekend to celebrate a late Christmas with us. Always so nice to have family willing to travel to you after lots of car time.

Love Henry's face : )

Playing Memory Match game with Grammy.

Henry and Granddad reading the same book over and over. Henry was very content until I whipped out my camera.

And lastly, a very happy New Year! We celebrated with a Netflix countdown, sparkling white grape juice, party hats and an early bed time. Just the way it should be.

Now it's January. Happy detoxing everyone!
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