Friday, April 6, 2012

In Loving Memory

Loretta Bo Fults....Grandma Retta
January 31, 1935- March 28, 2012

I have dreaded writing this post, but I so want my memories of my grandma written down so I will always have this to look back on.

My grandma was many things: kind, loving, beautiful and a strong Christian woman, among many other things, but it's the small things that I remember about her that made her so special.

All of the cousins got together and wrote down the little things that made our grandma so special to us. This list won't make sense to most, but to us they mean everything:

- She always had green grapes in a bowl on the counter.
- We wern't allowed to eat potoato chips from the bag so she made us put them in a bowl. The brand was always Layes.
- Playing in her jewerly box. One time she let me pick out a peice to keep, which was rare because it was play jewlery only to be left at grandmas house. I still have that peice of jewelry and will cherish it always.
- Grandma always recorded soap operas (just like I remember my great grandma). One of her shows was "As the World Turns" or as my granddad called it "As the World Swirms."
- Grandma drinking diet coke in a cup, with a folder paper towl and a rubber band.
- The toy closet and her other various "goodie" closets that always seemed to be bursting with crafts.
- Her snoring and granddad always taking a paper towl or father to tickle her nose to wake her up, I don't recal her thinking it was funny.
- Playing cards, dominios and my favorite, Whahoo.
- Grandma would always say "Well, Connie" in shock and frustation as my granddad played the winnng domino and he would respond "Well, Loretta?" in equal confusion. This was always the case.
- Her Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham.
- Her strawberry jello dessert with sour cream, or as my brother, Trace, called it, "Loretta's Delight."
- Picking cherries and then having to pit them.
- Her cherry cobbler.
- Oh and how can I forget black olives at every meal.

Despite her passing, it was wonderful to have all the family come and be together.

My cousin, Eveleena, come from Florida to be there. Growing up we were inseperable in the summer when she and her brother, Alex, would visit. People thought we were twins. Besides the same hair color, I don't see it, but I always took it as a compliment.

Great grandkids, minus Nathan...
Oh, there he is...He did not want to be apart of the group picture.At the burial site. It was also special that all of us grandkids were able to be pall bearers. Five girls and three guys. I was nervous, but it was a special moment to get to share with my siblings and cousins.
Of course the family found some time to have a little fun and enjoy each others company. Dad taking a shot, haven't seen that in a while :)

A week early, but for old times sake the great grandkid cousins wanted to hunt Easter eggs. This is the best shot I could get with them all in the picture.

Then of course there was a trip to the "Red Rock." This rock obtains the intials of most everyone in our family. Jesse got to engrave his name and I had to add an "M" onto mine. The "M" is a little off, but I know what it stands for, so good enough.
The kids looking at a frog.

And lastly, I leave you with the most recent picture I could find of me and my grandma. We all look our best!

Love you, Grandma. We all miss you, but we will meet again.

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