Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Secret Kept Too Long

"You're what!?!" has been the shocking response/question I have received now many times and that is because it starts with me saying "I'm pregnant!"

That's right, Jesse and I are having a baby boy in April!

We have slowly been leaking the news to family and friends, but considering I am already 18 weeks pregnant and know what the gender of the baby is, people are understandably shocked.

Here is what you've missed over the past 18 weeks...

Just ignore the terrible background and the fact that my head is slightly cut off in these photos, that is not how the originals look.

I have been blessed to have had an "easy" pregnancy so far. I have had no morning sickness, just a little bit of nausea, but that has passed now. Second trimester symptoms now include slight dizziness, blurred vision, terrible memory loss and an increased appetite.

Banana's make me nauseous so that is about the only food I won't eat. I haven't had any weird cravings, I just crave extreme amounts of the stuff I usually like. I love pickles, but would never buy jars of giant pickles, until now : ) Don't worry, I don't go all crazy and eat the whole thing in one setting. I am still being health conscious of what I eat, but even my doctor has told me to give into my cravings or else it will only worsen.  Most of the time if I do have a craving as soon as I eat it, I don't crave it anymore. I am done with mass quantities of  pickles, I think.

I still feel pretty small considering I am 18 weeks pregnant, but I have been slowly expanding. Maternity clothes now feel way more comfortable then regular clothes, although I can still get away with wearing them.

In other big news, I have decided to leave my job. My last day is December 21, so just around the corner. I have had a great experience at my job, but the two hour commute was stressful and it was just time for a change. It has made me realize it is not worth risking my health or the baby's.

That now leaves room for recommendations as to what I should do with all of my spare time before the baby comes...suggest away!

Now that the cat is out of the bag, hopefully I will do better about baby updates.

By my next update, I hope to look definitely pregnant. We will see!
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