Monday, August 20, 2012

Try This Immediatety! A Rave Shrimp Recipe

I typically don't rave about the food I have made from Pinterest, but this I must recommend.

I pinned it from my SIL, Sarah, and it was so easy to make and absolutely wonderful.
OK, now that I have really talked it up, I am sure someone in the crowd is a food critic and won't like it, but take it from non-seafood lover ( the exception being shrimp), this is good.

Honey Lime Shrimp, Yum! 

I got this great recipe from Check out her blog to get the recipe.

What I did different, which wasn't much...
  • Winged the spices and honey (I put a little more honey in then recommended)
  • Used fresh limes from our lime tree
  • Cooked it a little longer to blacken it a bit
  • Added plain bread crumbs ( I don't think this really did anything to the recipe, but it did help blacken it)
  • Used frozen shrimp instead of fresh
I hope you all add the ingredients to your grocery list this week and give it a try.
Happy eating!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mini Vacay

My sister and her family invited us to join them for the weekend in Galveston and we had a great time swimming in the ocean/pool for a day.

Beach photos.
This is the first summer I have been this white...ever! So I was glad to get a little sun and shed my ghost-like appearance.

Sister and bother-in-law cooking a delicious meal.

Love taking sunset photos.

Funny Faces.
This is what happens when you let your four-year-old nephew take your camera.

 Speaking of funny faces, looks like we are all doing our own thing in this photo.

And the funny faces continue...
What is is about a sleeper sofa on vacation that makes everyone want to pile in?

 Nothing better then getting away from the city to soak up some sun and be with family.
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