Monday, August 17, 2015

Henry's 7 Months Old

What a busy month this has been for this boy! Highlights include his first beach vacation, started solids, moved up to his own room, and started babbling. 

Brotherly love also grew this month : ) For the first time, Emerson asked to hold Henry and lately has been very interested in picking him up. He tries, but says "Hen Hen too heavy" and then moves on. Baby steps. It's taken 7 months for him to warm up to Henry, but I love seeing them interact in small ways. 

Eating: Henry got his first taste of solid food, butternut squash. He was not very impressed by it. In fact, food in general does not impress him. So far he has tried butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, carrots, apples, peaches and peas. His favorites were pears, peaches and peas. At first, the foods he tried would make him gag and he'd make sour faces, but over time he has really got that hang of  this whole eating solids business. He would still rather just play with the spoon than actually eat what's on it.

He also is still nursing every 3-4 hours, so 5-6 times a day, with 1-2 night feedings. Hoping we drop those night feedings soon!

Activity: This kid has found a few new sounds. He has started babbling, saying "yeah, yeah, yeah" and  "dadada."

Henry's phase of screaming seems to have passed, thank goodness! My poor ears couldn't take it anymore.

Diaper changes have become very interesting. All he wants to do is roll over. It's impossible now to dress him or change his diaper unless he is on his tummy.

Sleeping: big news in this department is that we moved him up to his own crib at night time. Not going to lie, this created some challenges. He actually started adding in a night waking and he once went to sleep without any fuss, but when we moved him he started protesting when I left the room. It took some time, but he adjusted and we are almost back on track.

Henry blessed me one night this month by sleeping 10 straight hours! Still not quite "sleeping through the night," but I'll take it!

We are in the awkward nap tranistion from 3-2 naps. Most days he takes 3, but some days he fights his last nap. It's so hard to predict. He did go through a short stint where he was taking short naps, but thankfully that didn't last long. Normal sleep schedule looks something like this:

7:00 a.m. Wake
9:00 a.m. Nap 1 (lasts 1-1.5 hours)
1: p.m. Nap 2 (2-3 hours)
5:00 p.m. Cat nap
7-8 p.m. Bedtime

Doctor Visit Stats:
- Height: ?
- Weight: ? 
*no doctor visit this month

Likes, Dislikes and Other Milestones:

- First time to see and touch the ocean.
- Took first vacation.
- Took first trip to the zoo, Gulf Breeze zoo. He slept the whole time.
- Hair is finally starting to grow in! It's really dark on the sides and light brown on top.
- Makes spit bubbles.
- My best friend, Julie, came to visit and the boys loved spending time with her. 
- Likes to put his foot in his mouth and suck on his toes.
- His eyes have officially turned brown. No more hints of blue or green.
- Took first road trip with just mom and brother. Henry did pretty well, Emerson did not.
- Wears size 3 diaper and size 6-9 month clothing. Phasing out most 6 month clothing though.
- Dislikes most solid food.
- Likes to sit in his highchair at meal times with the rest of he family and happily chew on a spoon. 

Things to Look Forward to:

- Visiting friends in Houston, meeting Henry for the first time.
- Big brother starts school, so more one-on-one time with just momma.
- Trip to Tennessee for the TN vs. OU game. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Beach Vacation, 2015

We took a wonderful beach vacation with a few of my family members in July in Florida. 

I'll let the pictures do most of the story telling since there are so many of them!

Emerson's second time to see the ocean. First time he was only 4 months old. 

Henry's first to time to see/touch the ocean.

Cousin Lucas loved holding Henry : )

My dad celebrated a birthday while we were there. Picture with my parents and the grand kids that were there.

Trip to the zoo! Another first for Henry.

Emerson loved feeding the animals!

Henry enjoyed sleeping : ) 

Walking on the pier.

Last day to play at the beach. Emerson hated the sand, so that made our trip more interesting...considering sand was everywhere!

These faces of Henry crack me up. Couldn't choose just one.

Some of my favorite of Henry! 

Family photo time.

Best picture ever of these two. 

Such a great trip, but we may be waiting a few years before going back. Emerson needs to get over his fear of sand first : )

Fourth of July, 2015

Playing major catch-up on events and also dealing with formatting issues of the iPad. Just work with me.

This Fourth of July we stayed at home and enjoyed a relaxing celebration of grilling, swimming and popping some fireworks.

This was also Henry's first Fourth of July and really Emerson's first time to participate in any of the activities.

Here are a few photos that capture our fun!

We actually popped some fireworks a few days leading up to the Fourth (the above pictures). Emerson didn't mind them at all...except when the big day rolled around suddenly every firework was "too loud." This included sparklers : / 

Our Saturday tradition to go to the park.

His new favorite playground toy, the monkey bars. 

The boys enjoyed watching a hot dog eating contest. It was totally disgusting to watch.

Emerson's new favorite way to eat watermelon!

Before the firework went off...


And this is the only one I really took of just Henry. Right before bed. Oh well, at least I got one and at least he is wearing pjs with stars on them : ) 

Henry's 6 Months Old

First off, I need to apologize for my blogging absence. But I have a really good reason, we have had no Internet working computer! I can type away on the iPad, but have had no way of uploading pictures and I know that's all you really care about it : ) But I'm back for now, so on I go with this post...

Happy half birthday, Henry! I have a feeling we may be celebrating this day more often in the future since the poor kids birthday is so close to Christmas.

Mobility has begun this month! He has learned to roll from back to belly and therefore can now roll both ways. He also has started tucking his legs under him and kicking...first signs of preparing to crawl. Yikes! 

Henry got to celebrate his first Fourth of July. We didn't do anything too exciting, but Henry was happy and content doing whatever we did. He only cried once when we popped a firework and I think that's because it scared Emerson and he was crying as well. The rest of the time he was fine. He also slept through all the evening chaos in our neighborhood, thank goodness!


Here is a breakdown of this months activities: 

Eating: Still eating breast milk every 2.5-3 hours. This is a huge milestone for me as well! My goal is to make it a year, so we are half way there. We don't do bottles too often, so he isn't that great at taking one, but it's getting better. I have also started making his baby food. We are going on a vacation and I don't want to mess with starting solids on the trip, so I'm getting it all ready for when we get back. 

Activity: He's our little Rollie Pollie now. At the start of the month, he had the problem with rolling from back to belly, but hated being on his belly and seemed to get so upset that he forgot how to roll back over. Baby problems! We started doing more tummy time and that helped out. By the end of the month he was a pro. 

Towards the end of this month he started sitting up tri-pod style for a few seconds. I remember it taking Emerson a little while longer to figure out sitting up as well, maybe it's because they are so long and lean it's more to balance? That's my theory anyway. 

Henry and Emerson have started to "play" together some. As much play as a toddler and baby can do anyway. It's a lot of Emerson shoving a toy at Henry and Henry laughing. It makes my heart so happy to see.

Sleeping: This was a big sleep accomplishment month! We transitioned him out of his Merlin's Magic Sleep Suite (which really was magic) and he started sleeping on his belly. It was a few rough days of transitioning. We started with naps and then once I felt comfortable with his rolling abilities, we worked on nights. He did really good at nighttime. 

We are consistently down to three naps in his crib. Still sleeping in our room (um, closet) at night. Hopefully after vacation we can get him moved up to his room for nighttime. I know I am ready to get my own space back! 

One night this month he slept ALL night! He hasn't done that in months. Hasn't happened since, but it was a nice surprise, so I'll take it.

Doctor Visit Stats:
- Height: 27 inches
- Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz (a whole pound bigger then his brother at this age)

Likes, Dislikes and Other Milestones:
- Started biting his lower lip.
- Loves to smile! He has the most precious, shy smile. He always gets a huge grin and ducks his head or buries it in my shoulder.
- Celebrated first Fourth of July.
- Still loves bath time. 
- Doesn't mind his car seat or car rides. 
- Likes to play with his stuffed giraffe or moose while in the car. 
- Went to Sunday morning Bible class for the first time. He cried the first Sunday, but after that was fine.
- The ear piercing scream continues : (
- Does not like it when brother is in his space.

Things to Look Forward to:
- Beach vacation! First time to see the ocean.
- Starting solids.
- Getting moved up to his own room.

Big things to come next month!

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