Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Family Visitors

I officially have to add the month in the title when we have family visitors because we have had so many lately, but I am not complaining, we have so enjoyed family coming to visit us.

And now for our featured November visiotrs: Mike and Kim McKee (aka Jesse's parents).

Wednesday was Mike's birthday, so we ventured out to the Mason Jar for dinner.

Opening a few presents.

Mike created a beautiful painting of our friends dog, Norman. I call this picture "Stormin' Norman." There of course is a story behind it : )

Althought I didn't post a picture, Saturday Kim and I attended the International Quilt show. Wow, there are some pretty talented quilters in the world. I like to sew, but I'll stick to my curtains for now.

Sunday afternnon we went to Galveston. It was a cool by the water, but still only around 70 degrees.

Mike and Kim seeing Galveston for the first time.

Now for a silly picture...
We even saw the cutest little mermaid.

Thanks Mike and Kim for the great visit!

Trick or Treaters Welcome

We hung our little "Welcome" sign for trick or treaters expecting floods of cute children in their cute costumes to come to the door. Unfortunately all we got was a 13 year old with no costume and a Wal-Mart sack. She didn't even say "Trick or treat" or "Thank you."

What is this world coming to? You can bet my children will say "trick or treat" AND "thank you."

Fortunately this cute trick or treater showed up and made my day.

He is such a good sport.

Hope everyone else had great trick or treaters come to their door.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogger Help: Spacing Issues

I know I don't usually have many people comment on my blog posts, but if you can help me, please don't be silent!

The Issue: I create my posts in edit mode and format wise they look fine, but then as soon as I post the blog and review it live there are all of the crazy spaces and sometimes my font color changes. What is going on?

Just take a look at several past blogs and you will see what I am talking about.

I don't know much about HTML code, but is the issue occuring there?

If you can help, please leave a comment. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. OR if you just feel sorry for me, please leave a comment :)

In advance, thank you for the help!
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