Monday, June 2, 2014

Celebrating a Wedding and an Anniversary

Last weekend, Jesse and I attended our friends wedding in Norman, OK. And somehow I didn't take a single picture! So not like me, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it now. Just imagine a beautiful wedding and Jesse, Emerson and I all dressed up : )

Jesse was honored as the best man in the wedding, so we were grateful for my parents who kept Emerson overnight so we could enjoy the rehearsal dinner in peace.

We then traveled to Branson, MO to spend a week vacation with my family celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary! Jesse and I will have been married five years this July and it feels like an eternity (in a good way). I can't imagine 40 years, but I guess we will someday : ) We are so blessed that both are parents are great examples of what a godly, loving marriage looks like.

Again, I was disappointed in my lack of picture taking, but here are a few pictures of our trip in Branson.
On a nature walk around the lake.
All he wanted to do was play with rocks and sticks.
Throwing rocks into the lake with cousin Jack.
Happy as a clam as we toured the fish hatchery.
Play time with more cousins: Lillian, Nathan and Wade.
Took a boat ride on Tuesday...Emerson was not a fan of his life jacket.
Touring the Titanic museum. It was so neat!
 My parents anniversary isn't actually until August, but there is nothing wrong with eating cake a little early to celebrate.
The whole Kirkpatrick group: two parents, four siblings, four spouses and seven grand kids.

 Splashing in the pool. He had a fun time even though the water was a little cold for my liking.
Jack was kind enough to "share" his snacks with Emerson. I think a few times Emerson just took the snacks right out of Jack's hand though. 
Catchin' dinner rolls at Lambert's Cafe. Such a fun place to eat. 
On the way home. All tuckered out from our big trip.

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