Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Boy #2 (BB2): The First 20 Weeks, Playing Catch-Up

Where has the time gone?

Oh yes, we bought and sold a house, moved, had our house painted top to bottom, installed new carpet/blinds, Emerson started Playschool, Jesse started a new job...I think you get the point.

This pregnancy has gone by super fast due to our crazy busy lives. Thankfully, things are stating to slow down, I think, and all is well with this little baby. I have kept you all in the dark for too long though, so here's an update...over the past 20 weeks (yikes).

Baby boy #2, or as I will be referring to as BB2, is due January 24 is growing strong. Around 16 weeks I started to feel little flutters, earlier than with Emerson, but I think that's just because I knew what to feel for and expect.

At 17 weeks we found out the gender, which you already know, BOY! Although frilly pink stuff would have been fun, we are so excited that this little baby is a boy. I feel way more confident going into it this time around since I have been-there-done-that with Emerson. And speaking of Emerson, I am so excited he gets to have a best friend for life! I am fully expecting these two to fight like cats and dogs, but also love building forts together, playing with trucks, throwing the ball with each other and so many other fun boy things. So glad they get to go through life together.

I am still not showing like I thought I would. I have a little baby bump, but I can still wear normal clothing and baggy clothing hides it.  I did definitely pop out a bit more around 18 weeks, as you can see in the photo. But I know baby is still there and growing. Won't be long and I'll have to be rolled around I'll be so huge, then I'll be wishing I wasn't so big!

Now time for a few photos! 

Obviously due to the change in wall color, this is the first picture in our new house.

Half way there! I looked back at a 20 week photo with Emerson and I look like the exact same size.

As far as comparing pregnancies go, I had a bit more nausea this time around and way more fatigue, but not really sure if that was the pregnancy or just the fact that I am chasing a toddler around all day.  This baby seems even more active than Emerson was at this stage, not sure if I should read very deep into that, but I sure hope it doesn't mean he will be even more active than Emerson is now. Hoping this boy is more calm...I can dream anyway.

I go to see my new doctor in a week and am very excited to meet her and listen to BB2's heart beat.

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