Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kemah Weekend

Jesse and I were invited for a weekend getaway to Kemah for our friends (Brittany) birthday this past weekend. Kemah Boardwalk is in a small town located on Galveston Bay. Kemah Boardwalk kind of reminds me of a mini version of Coney Island.

We had a blast!

I won! I never win these kind of games, so I was pretty proud of my baseball throwing "skills."

Ring toss time.

Brittany and I with our prizes.

The trip was fully complete with a scoop of ice cream.
We also spent some time relaxing by the pool and ate at yummy restaurants. What a great way to spend a weekend.

Happy Birthday Brittany!

When the Parents Came to Visit

Due to my recent career activity, I failed at blogging about my parents visit to Houston. They came to see Jesse and I the weekend before I started my job, so it was a little crazy, but we had a really great time with them.

We went to the JPMorgan Chase Tower observation deck.
The Tower is 75 stories tall, making it the tallest building in Houston, and one of the top 10 buildings in the United States. The observation deck is on the 60th floor. We didn't get to go all the way to the top, but believe me, the 60th floor was high enough!

Views from the deck. The view was amazing!
Dad and mom posing for a picture at the deck.

Touring the aquarium. The white tigers were pretty cool...such and odd animal to have at an aquarium.

At the Water Wall. This is probably my all time favorite free thing to do in Houston. It is so peaceful to watch the water.

There you have it, a fun-filled weekend with the parents. I already have a list of things to do for their next visit.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Back In the Real World

Hello world! I just got back from a four month (jobless) vacay so last Monday morning was a little rough to squeeze in eight hours sitting at a desk and being on the computer....oh wait, I guess it isn't that much different from me sitting on my couch and being on the computer :)

My first week of PR work went great. I stayed very busy learning all kinds of things. Since a lot of our clients are in the Oil and Gas industry, I get to learn about fun things such as: fracking, mud logging, TriAx products, etc. INSERT BIG QUESTION MARK. I will learn though. Good thing I have Jesse to help me on some of these terms.

Getting back into a 40 hour workweek will take some time to get used to, however I have a feeling I will stay busy which means the work days will go by fast.

I forgot how much fun Thursday's and Friday's can be when you work. I took for granted my weekends when I didn't work, so I am glad to be appreciative of them again. Thursday's, in my opinion, are always great because you are only one day away from the weekend and Jesse and I typically hang out a little later with friends since we only have to push through one more day of work. Friday's are obviously great because it's Friday! At Fifth Ring, someone always brings breakfast on Friday mornings and the office atmosphere is so much more relaxed (meaning I get to wear jeans), I love it.

On the flip side, I forgot how much I dread Sunday evenings. There is always so much to be done before work the next day and after evening church you don't have much time to relax and unwind before Monday arrives. Oh well, it's all part of the package I guess.

I feel bad for Jesse, I didn't cook once last week. However, I did make him a yummy breakfast on Saturday morning to prove that I was still a good wife, not that he ever questioned that matter.

So that is that, my first week has been completed and to answer one of my blog reader's comments (which by the way, you all should check her blog out at Yes, there is a small chance I may get to go to Scotland, but who knows when that will be and it is a small chance. Oh how I would love to go though. I have always wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland, maybe that dream will come true : )

Have a happy workweek, everyone!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

You're Looking At...

...the newest Public Relations Account Coordinator for Fifth Ring!

Huh? You heard me, I got a full-time PR job! And I could not be more excited, as if you couldn't tell already.

How it happened: well let me just say that God works in mysterious ways, sometimes I interpret that as playing a mean joke on me to test my patience. Mission accomplished! My patience was about all out and crazy about took over. I had been looking for a full-time position in Houston for the past four months with no luck at all. I mean not even a phone call or an interview, nothing! I started to give up and started looking for a part-time job and I got one as a sales associate at a clothing and jewelry store. Then one day I made a great connection with the Houston United Way media/marketing director. He looked over my resume and portfolio, was highly impressed and said "I think I know of someone who is looking to hire." BAM, less than 48 hours later I had a job. I emailed my resume-they liked it- then I emailed my writing samples-they liked it- then I interviewed-guess I didn't do so bad- then I took a writing test- then I had a job offer :) I DID IT! I did have to make an awkward phone call to my part-time employers and bail out, but they were really nice about it.

About the company: it is an international company called Pennebaker, but I will be working for the PR segment known as Fifth Ring. Fifth Ring's only location in the U.S. is in Houston. Pennebakers headquarters are located in Aberdeen, Scotland and they have other locations in Inverness (in Scotland) and Dubai. They offer services of brand and strategy development, public relations, digital media, design and production, and advertising.

I start Monday so I will keep my blog readers updated. And please remind me if I don't :) Life is about to get busy again, can't wait!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check This Out!

My In-laws came up with a brilliant business adventure that I just have to share with all of you. They started their own shop on etsy. And if you don't know what etsy is, well then you are missing out, big time. is a Web site dedicated to handmade, vintage items. You know, crafts, paintings, sewing, decorations, clothing, etc. So if you are creative and want to make some money, you can start up your own online store which is what my in-laws did.

My father in-law likes to paint and draw and my mother-in law is really big into sewing and quilting so they came up with....

Great name, huh? I really like it.

Anyway, you ALL need to go check it out. They just got it started, but they already have items up to view. Christmas is just around the corner if you need a great gift idea : )

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