Sunday, December 21, 2014

BB2 Month 8

I. Feel. Huge!

Those three words pretty much sum up the past month. I am to the point where my body feels done with this pregnancy, but my brain is yelling "YOU'RE NOT READY!" My guess is my body will win before my brain does : )

Around 33 weeks, BB2 dropped down lower, giving me more breathing room and less painful kicks to the ribs.

At 34 weeks, I had another ultrasound done to take a final peek at baby to check his position. Unfortunately, I haven't met with my doctor since, so I don't know much of the results and the technician couldn't tell me anything since it wasn't an ultrasound done at my doctors office. However, I did get a call from the nurse saying everything looked fine and I was cleared for Christmas travel. I guess I'll find out all the other details at my next appointment.

By 35 weeks, my face has really started to swell. Got to love those chipmunk cheeks : )


  • My acne does not seem as bad this time around. There is still a month to go, but so far it's been mild compared to last time. 
  • I am having a little bit more swelling in my hands and legs, but it seems to be normal.
  • My Braxton Hicks contractions haven't seemed to be as prominate this month compared to last month.
  • We travel to Knoxville for Christmas. This will be my last trip before baby arrives!
  • Nesting definitely set in this month. I have been checking things off my list left and right...I have also been adding to it, so my list still has a lot of marking off to go, but I feel much better about going into Christmas with all that I have accomplished to prepare for this baby's arrival.
  • Baby's crib and rocker have been bought. The baby's room is coming right along.
  • We still don't have a name picked out! Better come up with one fast.  
  • Jesse and I go on what we think is our "last" date night out with just one child. Thankfully our church had a parents-night-out and we were able to enjoy a nice dinner just the two (technically three) of us.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

O Christmas Tree, 2014

This is one of my most favorite traditions that Jesse introduced to me as a newly married couple, a real Christmas tree. I have nothing against fake trees, there is just something very fun about picking out your tree and how each year your tree looks a little different. The pine needles I could do without, but it's worth it.

                         The winner! Nothing like picking out a Christmas tree in 70 degree weather :)

                                                                Bringing "her" home.

                                                  Time to decorate it and make it ours.

I was really worried about Emerson wanting to destroy our tree and breaking ornaments, so we made sure to only put non-breakable ones on this year. But really, he has done well when we tell him not to touch it, so it hasn't been much of an issue. He loves to get real close and look at the lights : )  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fall Festivities, 2014

Tis the be very busy! And I love every minute of it. Especially knowing I get to lay my head down at the end of the day and sleep : )

We have had several fun fall festivities this year so I'll just start at the beginning:

1) Trip to Virgina for my college roommates wedding. This was a solo trip (probably last one I'll get to take for a long time), and I had such a good time catching up with old friends and of course watching the beautiful bride walk down the isle. Such a beautiful wedding.

                                                   With the roomies, Ashley and Lauren.

2) Trip to Tennessee for Jesse's high school friends wedding. We made this a family trip and Gramma and Pops graciously watched Emerson while Jesse and I enjoyed the rehearsal dinner and wedding, just the two of us. Again, it was another beautiful wedding with a very handsome couple.

                                                    Playing outside in the cold with Pops.

                         Our attempt at a family picture with Gramma and Pops. I think Emerson is laughing?

Best shot we could get at the wedding. I look (and felt) huge!

3) Thanksgiving with my family. It just wouldn't be a holiday at the Kirkpatrick's without four-wheeler riding, trampoline jumping and chicken chasing ; )

                                                       Cousins, cousins everywhere!

                                               Target trip and snack time with cousin Jack.

Chasing a chicken at Aunt Amy and Uncle Brent's house. He did this for about 45 minutes and laughed the whole time.

                                       He also loved "feeding" (throwing hay) the goats.

                                  Almost all the cousins in one picture. Baby Archer was napping.

                                                        Reading time with Granddad.

And now I rest...NOT. Now it's time for the Christmas season and all it's fun festivities. And then it's baby time! Oh my. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

BB2 Month 7

Since I am having this baby in January (a cold month), and now that the weather has turned cold, it has finally dawned on me how close I am to having this baby! The time has flown and I am starting to feel the pressure to get things ready. I am not to the nesting phase yet, but I am definitely feeling anxious about what seems to be a long to do list to prepare for his arrival. Just like last time, I know it will get done : ) The baby will come rather or not we have the crib up, so I am trying to stay relaxed about it.

This month has brought on lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. They are mild, but frequent. Nothing I am concerned about though. I had them all the time with Emerson as well.

Also, this is the first month where people have confidently and openly asked me about my (large) bump. I think before, even though I looked pregnant, people were hesitant because I had Emerson with me and they either thought 1) she is still carrying her pregnancy weight from her son or 2) there is no way that woman can have a young toddler and be pregnant! Lol.

Here is a brief recap of what went on this month:

  • I have gained a total of 23 lbs and I am gaining at a good rate (1 lb per week).
  • I feel huge! We took family pictures this month and looking at the picture of my big arms/belly/legs/etc. made me realize how much my body has really's hoping it all magically melts away after baby comes.
  • Heartburn still continues. This is one thing I don't remember having any problems with when I was pregnant with Emerson. On the flip side, I like eating bananas, something my stomach wouldn't tolerate with Emerson.
  • I am enjoying the cooler weather as it is way more comfortable for me than the heat. 
  • Mild swelling in ankles at the end of the day.

Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Patch, 2014

While Jesse was out of town for a TN football game, Emerson and I decided to find a local pumpkin patch and head out on an adventure.


Emerson called all the pumpkins either "balls" or "apples." Looks like I have some work to do : )

His favorite part was riding around in the wagon.

Can't believe next year I will have two little pumpkins to take with me to the pumpkin patch!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

BB2 Months 5 and 6: Wrapping Up the Second Trimester

There is a baby inside me! 

OK, so the doctors have been telling me this for months, but I just didn't believe them 100 percent until now (obviously I believed them, I was just in denial). Now I can actually SEE my baby bump and most importantly I can FEEL him happily move about. It's a very familiar feeling that I excitingly welcome back. : )

Here are a few highlights of these past few months: 

  • Around 22-24 weeks, heart burn and leg cramps started.
  • I have gained a total of 20 lbs so far...and the holidays haven't even hit. Yikes, I could be in trouble.
  • Arms are getting big and my double chin is reappearing : ( I guess that's what happens when you gain 20 lbs.
  • Tons of little baby kicks! At the beginning of the second trimester there were tons of little flutters, but by the end there have been bigger movements and kicks.
  • Had anatomy ultrasound and glucose test. All came back looking great. No gestational diabetes for me, yay!
  • Officially in to only maternity tops, but still try to pull off regular pants with a belly band. It's not the most comfortable, but I feel like I am constantly pulling up my maternity pants because they fall down. 
  • Picked out a nursery theme, construction. I figured it would transition well into a toddler bedroom. It's all about thinking ahead with this one.
  • Emerson has started using his baby brother as a pillow, and sometimes he seems curious as to why we keep calling my belly "baby brother." I think he knows something is changing, he just has no clue to what depth. Time will tell how he reacts when baby gets here.

Looking ahead:
  • I now start seeing my doctor every two weeks.
  • I am on the hunt for a second crib...if anyone knows anyone looking to get rid of one, let me know. I am not being picky, just as long as it's safe.
  • Cant wait to start decorating the nursery, but first I need to organize.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

18 Months Old: What a Difference 6 Months Can Make

I should have kept up on my monthly blogging with Emerson. I figured not too much would happen between 12-18 months, but boy was I wrong!

Walking, talking, running, swimming, playing, eating....everything has developed and changed.

Here is a brief breakdown:
Sleeping: Sleeps 11-12 hours at night with no night wakings. Naps have been hit or miss the past 6 months. One month he is a great, predictable napper then the next he is all messed up. I am sure all of our traveling and changes had nothing to do with it ; ) For several months we have been stuck in this "two naps is too much sleep and one is not enough" phase. Some day's I try and let him only take one nap and others I can barely keep him awake past 10 a.m. However, just in the past few weeks, Emerson seems to be good with just one nap around 12/1 p.m. Maybe this time his nap schedule has changed for good.

Eating: Somewhere around 13-15 months he started becoming more of a picky eater. Still a great eater, just more particular about what I put in front of him. And it feels like every week is different. One day he loves blueberries then he will go on a strike for a whole month and not eat any. The one main food that has remained his consistent favorite has been bananas. And his favorite meal time is breakfast. As far as veggies go, they don't exist in his little world. He does eat green beans, otherwise I am trying to sneak the veggies in anyway I can. 

Activity: Oh boy, this department has certainly changed. He started walking at 15 months and has been running since about 15.5 months : ) He is fast too! I really can't let him get too far ahead of me anywhere we go or else I am sprinting to catch up (or so it feels). Currently he is pretty good about holding my hand when we are out walking, but it usually doesn't last long. He loves to kick, stomp, spin around in circles and walk backwards (all recent developments, in the past month). He has always liked peek-a-boo when we played with him, but now he likes to cover his own eyes and play. And ever since we moved into our new house with a pool, he loves to swim and has become fearless! A little too fearless for my liking, we are working on getting a pool gate up so I can finally be able to sleep peacefully at night. 

Doctor visit stats:
  • Weight: 25 lbs 7 oz
  • Height:  33 inches

Likes, dislikes and other milestones:
  • Can talk up a storm of words; Bible, cross, apple, choo-choo, clock, flower, cat, tree, play, oh yeah and please are among my favorite to hear
  • Says "mmm" or "gilk" for milk. Took him a while to like cows milk, but now he loves it
  • Says his own version of "amen." I can't even replicate it.
  • Took his first plane ride with just momma at 13 months. Not sure I will try that again for a long time
  • Loves to ride the carousel
  • Learned to clap his hands at 13 months
  • Fully weaned from nursing around 13 months old. 
  • First haircut at 14 months old
  • Smacks his lips
  • Knows most of his body parts (eyes, nose, toes, feet, hands, head, mouth, tongue, belly)
  • Likes to read and pick out his own books now
  • Loves to swing
  • Knows how to brush his teeth and hair
  • Loves to say "hi" to everyone he sees, even people on TV
  • Has 16 teeth, last ones to go are his two-year-old molars
  • Dislikes being dropped off at Play School, but tolerates just fine once he is there
  • Understands hot vs. cold
  • Dislikes having to come inside after playing inside...this boy would live outside if we'd let him
  • Dislikes pretty much all veggies
  • Dislikes being told "no" (but then again, who doesn't?)
  • Likes to color and gi8ve hugs to his stuffed animals

Things to look forward to:
  • First preschool photo
  • Family photos
  • Holidays
  • Trip to TN for a wedding
  • Baby brother arriving!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Boy #2 (BB2): The First 20 Weeks, Playing Catch-Up

Where has the time gone?

Oh yes, we bought and sold a house, moved, had our house painted top to bottom, installed new carpet/blinds, Emerson started Playschool, Jesse started a new job...I think you get the point.

This pregnancy has gone by super fast due to our crazy busy lives. Thankfully, things are stating to slow down, I think, and all is well with this little baby. I have kept you all in the dark for too long though, so here's an update...over the past 20 weeks (yikes).

Baby boy #2, or as I will be referring to as BB2, is due January 24 is growing strong. Around 16 weeks I started to feel little flutters, earlier than with Emerson, but I think that's just because I knew what to feel for and expect.

At 17 weeks we found out the gender, which you already know, BOY! Although frilly pink stuff would have been fun, we are so excited that this little baby is a boy. I feel way more confident going into it this time around since I have been-there-done-that with Emerson. And speaking of Emerson, I am so excited he gets to have a best friend for life! I am fully expecting these two to fight like cats and dogs, but also love building forts together, playing with trucks, throwing the ball with each other and so many other fun boy things. So glad they get to go through life together.

I am still not showing like I thought I would. I have a little baby bump, but I can still wear normal clothing and baggy clothing hides it.  I did definitely pop out a bit more around 18 weeks, as you can see in the photo. But I know baby is still there and growing. Won't be long and I'll have to be rolled around I'll be so huge, then I'll be wishing I wasn't so big!

Now time for a few photos! 

Obviously due to the change in wall color, this is the first picture in our new house.

Half way there! I looked back at a 20 week photo with Emerson and I look like the exact same size.

As far as comparing pregnancies go, I had a bit more nausea this time around and way more fatigue, but not really sure if that was the pregnancy or just the fact that I am chasing a toddler around all day.  This baby seems even more active than Emerson was at this stage, not sure if I should read very deep into that, but I sure hope it doesn't mean he will be even more active than Emerson is now. Hoping this boy is more calm...I can dream anyway.

I go to see my new doctor in a week and am very excited to meet her and listen to BB2's heart beat.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our Last Visitors

We have had our last visitors to come stay with us in our house in Katy. I am so glad my mom and niece, Lillian, came to keep Emerson and I company while Jesse is working in Beaumont and as we tidy up last minute details on selling our house.  

There were some house selling duties I had to attend to while they visited, but we mainly played : ) 

At the Children's Museum.
Emerson loved the water, outdoor area.
This place is so cool. My favorite place is the little grocery store area.
 Emerson loved being pushed on the swing by his cousin.
Nothing but pure joy on his face : )
Can't wait for all the visitors and memories with will make in our new home.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Book of Life: Starting a New Chapter

As always, life seems to happen fast. The past few months have been very busy with lots of big changes for us...

Firstly, we are super excited to announce that we are expecting baby #2! The baby is due Jan. 24 and we should know the gender at my next doctors appointment, mid August. I am very curious to see how Emerson will handle the changes of having a little buddy around, he has no clue what is a about to happen to his quite lifestyle of being the only child : ) 

Secondly, we got the surprising news that we will be moving to Beaumont, TX for Jesse's job. As always, moves are exciting and challenging. We are very sad to leave our friends, church, neighbors, and home, but God has blessed us with new opportunities in Beaumont, so we are excited to see what lies ahead for our future.

A glimpse of our new home!

So that's what's new for us. I hope you continue to read my blog as I make baby bump updates and posts on our new adventures in Beaumont!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Before and Afters

We had two major trimmings around our house last month, our yard and Emerson's hair : )

We have a corner lot that was wonderfully landscaped when we moved in, but over time I had a really hard time keeping up with its demands, so we scheduled to have a landscaper come out and clean it up. 





During. (He did not like the spray bottle)


I couldn't cut the curls!
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