Monday, July 25, 2016

Henry's 18 Months Old

Time for a Henry life update! He's now 18 months old and my what a difference six months can make.

13 months old. 
Sporting one of daddy's sailor baby outfits.

He now is fully rocking a curly mullet that I just can't bring myself to cut yet. It is looking a little out of control though. Maybe I need to invest in some hair product to keep those crazy curls tamed?

14 months old. 
This boy loves spaghetti and making a mess. 

Teeth have been popping in like crazy, creating a not so happy little boy. He even had his first dentist appointment recently to investigate a chipped tooth. No concern, thank goodness.

15 months old.

Speaking of little boy. Where did my BABY go? I forgot that somewhere between 12 months and 18 months they just suddenly lose their baby attitude. He's more independent, wild, talkative, opinionated. The list could go on forever. I love it though. Watching him grow into his own little person has got to be one of the coolest things ever as parents to watch. He is still just as sweet and cuddly as ever. I'm hoping this is a personality trait that sticks around.

16 months old.
He loves to climb! 

I mentioned wild. Yes. He is so very...boy! He gets knocked down and pops right back up. Half the time he has a bloody knee and I don't even know it because he doesn't complain. He's a daredevil! He loves to jump off the couch (onto pillows), belly flop into pools, be thrown into the air and climb on everything. And at the end he stills runs to his momma and demands kisses.

17 months old.

18 months old.
My beautiful baby boy.


One of my favorite authors/admirers/Instagram followers (Jen Hatmaker) explained it best when she wrote this on her Instagram account: "Do you ever worry just a tiny bit that you are living in your best days?? The ones you'll describe as the greatest ones of them all in 30 years?"

All of this. Days with Emerson, Henry and our happy little family just could not seem any better. If I could pause time, now would be it so I could hold these babies just a little longer.

Love making these memories and love my boys to pieces. Here's to many more half birthday's to get sappy about : )
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