Sunday, June 26, 2011

New States

Jesse and I added three new states to our list when we went on our Billings, MT trip. We are now up to 32 states! And for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, we are trying to go to all 50 states before we start a family.


Bear Tooth Pass.


Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park.

Believe it or not, Idaho.

I wish we could have been in a potato field or something.

We are going to TN soon and we plan on traveling to more states on our visit, so stay posted for a new total and more pictures.

On My Own- Surprise Vacay Part 3

I was on my own on Sunday of our "vacation." Jesse had to work all day, but I was able to pull him away from the computer to eat brunch at a local place called McCormick Cafe and it was delicious!

They had hand squeezed orange juice. I could not believe how good that stuff was. I wish I had taken I picture of my banana and strawberry french toast, but I was too hungry and ate it all up before I had time to think about it.

That afternoon I drove myself to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

A monument to the Fallen 7th Cavalry, it bears the names of the 7th Cavalry officers and enlisted men who fought and died.
Custer National Cemetery

There I am! Thanks to the timer on my camera and a convenient wooden post, I have proof that I was there.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yellowstone- Surprise Vacay Part 2

I was so excited when Jesse said we would have time to go to Yellowstone National Park while I was visiting. I remember going as a child, but you just can't get enough of this...

At the Entrance.

A funny looking rock. Can anyone else see the face in the rock? Or is it just me? I can make something out of nothing sometimes.

Old Faithful.

We had dinner at the Old Faithful Inn.

Inside the hotel. It is so big! And old; it was built in 1903.

We didn't get to see a bear like we were hoping, but we did see lots of wildlife.

This is one of my favorites: A Bald Eagle. Terrible pictures of it, but I have never seen one in person, so it was pretty cool to see.

Look closely and you'll see the Bald Eagle.


We only drove through probably a quarter of the park and we would love to back someday. Anyone who has never been, I would highly recommend it!

More to come...

Surprise Vacay

Well, unexpected may be a better word than surprise. Jesse went into work last Monday and found out he was going to have to make an unexpected trip up to Billings, Montana. He quickly came home, started packing and then went to the airport. It all happened so fast and I was sad to see him go. But then we had the brilliant idea that I should try to get the next plane to Billings and join him for a few days.

So unexpected for Jesse and a surprise for me to get to go.

Warning: lots of photos in this post and more to come in later posts.

First thing I see getting off the plane and driving to the hotel. Way back in the photo are snow covered mountains.

Jesse had to work A LOT! But we did get to hang out in the evenings and the weekend.

One evening we drove through Bear Tooth Pass. It stayed light outside until about 8:30- 9 p.m. so we had plenty of time to make the drive after Jesse got off work and it was well worth it.

On our way!

I forgot to pack a jacket, mistake. It was chilly.

Nothing says "Big Sky Country" like these next three photos.

We could not believe how much snow there was in June!

Finally reached the top.

Hello Wyoming.

It's impossible to take a bad picture. God provides some pretty awesome back drops.

More to come...

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Old Navy- Comfort

Old Navy- Comfort by heatherjmckee featuring embellished sandals

Old Navy sleeveless tank
$15 -

Old Navy long maxi skirt
$30 -

Old Navy embellished sandals
$23 -

Old Navy filigree earrings
$5.50 -

I may be way behind on the times, but I recently discovered this Web site known as Polyvore. It allows you to pick out clothes from any of your favorite stores and piece outfits together. I think it is way fun! Anyway, here is a look I sort of already have. I love, love, love that skirt. It is so comfortable, it is especially nice to travel in. I pair it with a white top and minimal jewelry (then again, I am not too big on lots of jewelry). And right now I am really into that peach finger nail polish.

For me, this outfit just screams COMFORT!

It was fun piecing this together so you may be seeing more fashion posts from me in the future...even though I am no fashionista :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Come On In

I have failed on updating everyone on our lives in Houston. Some of my family have mentioned they would like to see pictures of where we live, so here it is, a web version of an open house for the McKee's. Come on in...

When you walk in the door and look left this is what you see: the dinning room/storage center :) This is only temporary madness and the only way I get through looking at this daily mess is knowing that it is only temporary until we get a house.

You can also peek into the kitchen from this view.

If you look right when you walk in you will see the living room. Behind that big window is our patio, but it is so full of stuff (lawn mower, potted plants, grill, etc.) that I couldn't get a good picture. That door on the left is the guest bedroom. And the door on the right (not in view) is the master bedroom.
The kitchen. It's a small kitchen and was hard to adjust to compared to my last kitchen, but it is still nice. Updated cabinets and appliances, granite counter tops and includes a small pantry ( a space lifesaver).

Right off the kitchen is the laundry room/cook book storage room/randomness.

Right off the kitchen and living room is the guest bath.

And attached to the guest bathroom is the guest bedroom.

Off of the living room is the master. I love that bay window. I just need a little reading bench there or something.

And finally, right off the master bedroom is the master bathroom. I love this bathroom. It has tall counter tops and there are TWO sinks. Jesse and I have never been able to share the same bathroom because we have never had the space, now we do. It also has TWO walk-in closets. We have decided that this has been a marriage saver and it is a must on our house wish list.

So there you have it. The McKee household has been posted. Come again and in person this time :)

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