Thursday, August 3, 2017

Colorado is Calling Me Home

There are some beautiful places in the United States and in this world, but there is just something about Colorado in the summertime that I love more than any other place.

I was super lucky to get to go to Denver/Boulder/Estes Park with friends AND take our family vacation to Durango all in the same month. I feel like I could permanently pick up and move the summer that is.

I was a little nervous to see how the boys would do on a 17 hour road trip on top of a very active week, but they did awesome! I should have known that anything that involved being active and staying outside would hold their interest.

DAY ONE: Full of just exploring the town we stayed in, Durango. The boys swam and played basketball at the hotel (daily), we explored the train museum, fed the fish at the fish hatchery, explored downtown, and hiked a tiny bit of the Colorado trail. We didn't have to hike far to find a good river spot to throw rocks and get our feet wet. The water was freezing!

DAY TWO: Today was all about the train! Again, I was a little nervous to see how the boys would do, because it was almost a four hour train ride, followed by a few hours in a small mining town, and then an hour and a half bus ride back to Durango. The boys loved every second! The train ride captivated them. Henry got a little fussy here and there, but other than that, it was a great day.

DAY THREE: Today was all about the journey to Ouray. It was a two hour mountain drive, so we took our time and stopped when we thought we wanted out. The town was gorgeous! Lots of cute shops and places to eat. Lots of four wheeling in this town. We chose a short hike in Box Canyon to see a waterfall, no great photos of it though.

DAY FOUR: National Park day! It was a last minute decision, one we don't regret, but we decided to pack up a day early and hit two of the national parks before leaving Colorado. First stop was Mesa Verde. Didn't think the boys could handle a walking tour, but we enjoyed the scenic drive.

Second up was the Great Sand Dunes National park. Wow, it was so neat to see. We had no expectations going into it, but it impressed us. Unfortunately, a rain storm had come through and they wouldn't allow us to rent the sand sleds (too dangerous on wet sand?)...this turned out to be a huge blessing. What comes down, must walk back up some very steep dunes. The boys wore themselves out just running up and down the dunes.

The weather also allowed us to get into the park for free AND we also got some neat photos. So the weather turned out to be not so bad. Win, win.

Besides our four days of actually vacation fun, there were four days of travel, which we made fun along the way. Since we had a change of plans on our last day, we changed our travel direction, which allowed us to meet up with my parents on our way home. And then on our final day of travel we met my sister and her family in Fort Worth as they were traveling on vacation. Such a bonus to see family on the way!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


And I mean let's do a major rewind. In fact, let's pretend it's not almost August and I haven't posted since February. Yikes.

We've had so many things happen between now and then, that I've actually had plenty of things to write about, just not the time. So instead of going back and writing a very long post, I'm recapping our life since February. So here are the highlights:

March: We found out we are moving back to Katy, TX. I declare this month March Moving Madness. I went on a girls trip with my mom and sister. My mom watched the boys while we went house hunting. My sister and her family came to visit, and my brother and his family came to visit.
Oh and the biggest news of all, we found out we are expecting baby number three!

April: Jesse officially started his new job on April 1. The long commutes and overnight stays have begun. We sold our house and bought a house all on the same day.  Emerson turned FOUR! We celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheese and then with a little party at church friends. This was the boys last month at school. We say final goodbyes to our Lumberton home and get the keys to our new home.

May: Moving month!  So I now officially declare this month May Moving Madness (part 2). We got the keys at the end of April, but our stuff didn't arrive until May. We celebrated my 31st birthday. Jesse's parents visited, and then my parents stopped for a short visit and took the boys back with them to Oklahoma so Jesse and I could take a mini vacation to Las Vegas with friends.

June: We found out baby number three is another BOY. To celebrate we had the most amazing dessert, a warm doughnut stuffed with ice cream.YUM.

July: We visited my best friend and her husband in Austin, TX. Took the boys to their first firework show on the Fourth of July. Both did really well with the load noises. I turned 20 weeks with baby number three. I spent a girls weekend away in Colorado celebrating my friends upcoming wedding. And we took our family Colorado vacation, separate post is already in the works on this one. Promise.


And I think that about does for a quick catch up. See, you didn't miss much in the McKee life. Just some major life events, no biggie. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Herny Turns TWO!

Raise your hand if you are super cute and two years old!

T.W.O. I can't believe this little boy is two years old. I officially no longer have babies in my house. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. But I'm even less sure on how I feel about having two toddlers in my house. Eek!

What a busy year. Changing from a one year old to a two year old might be my most favorite year. There's growth with every year, but there is something about the transition from a baby to a toddler that is so much fun.

Henry is funny, outgoing, rambunctious, sweet and snuggly. I'm so thankful for that last one (snuggly) and hoping it doesn't fade away.

This is what he does when I say "smile". He gives me this goofy smirk.

Having a toddler doesn't come without it's challenges of course. Henry is also stubborn and bossy. The boy can throw down the word "no" faster than I can even spit out my question or command. Henry can you...NO!. Even his yeses start with the word "no". Henry do want so candy?...Noyesss. lol.
 I'm pretty sure he thinks he's the boss around our house despite my power to put him in a timeout...which I most certainly use.

Henry now wears 2T clothes (3T pjs), weighs 28 lbs (79%), and is 3 ft tall (94%). He's a big boy, much bigger than Emerson was at this age.

Those eyes just melt me.

His best and funniest physical quality is his hair! It can put most 80's hairstyles to shame. I mean look at this height. It naturally sticks straight up and it's impossible to tame.

p.s. this is the smashed down and gelled hair version.

And of course we couldn't take some photos without Emerson. This maybe one of the most fun and challenging things about this year. Watching their relationship grow. They are so amazing to watch play together. They really do act like best friends. They always give big hugs to each other, especially when they've gone most of day at school without seeing each other. Their welcome hug could put tears in any mother's eyes. They also fight like brothers, which has led to more tears than I ever imagined. I definitely think the pros out weigh the cons on this one though. : )

Post photo popsicles for the win.

So what's next for this big two year old? A big boy bed and potty training! It will be a year full of adventure and work on our parts as we help him grow into a little boy.

And lastly, I leave you with these few funny outtakes. Not every photo can be a winner.

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