Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pizza and Potter

I FINALLY got to see the last Harry Potter movie. It was a bitter sweet moment when it was all said and done, I mean I had only been reading the books and watching the movies for the past several years so it was a little sad to see it all come to an end, loved the movie though!

Now if it were up to me I would have watched it the weekend that it came out. However, Jesse (very sweetly) had told me that he would watch ALL of the movies with me and then go see the final one with me in theaters so I wouldn't have to go alone. I was so excited because he had never shown any interest in watching the movies with me.

Watching seven movies takes time, but we made it into a fun event with our friends and called it Pizza and Potter night. Afterwards, we would create silly, poorly created pictures using Paint on our computes.

I can proudly say that I made this one. Our friend James is Harry and his fiance, Brittany, is the owl. Jesse and I are Ron and Hermione

Just thought I would share in my nerdiness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anniversary Activities

Jesse and I had a WONDERFUL anniversary!

Check it out..

Saturday we went to the circus and had a blast! It was just like being a kid again as we oohed and awed over our favorite acts. My favorite was the elephants.

Now, normally it may be tacky to put your gifts up for everyone to see, but our gifts are so silly and fun that I just have to share them with all of you. Last year, Jesse had the idea that we not get each other big gifts, but that we spend less than $20 and get something with the number of the year we were celebrating on the gift item. For example: last year I got Jesse a #1 80's hit c.d. and he got me Uno (now technically it is a 1, but he just had to think outside the box)

This year, he did it again. He thought outside the box and got me a stuffed Tucan bird : ) I got him a two dollar bill and made him an ornament using a number two wooden cut out and pictures from our past year. Usually I am pretty good about coming up with unique ideas, but Jesse won this year with originality.

I highly recommend our method, it is so much fun!

Jesse did an excellent job this year with the flowers, they are beautiful.

Our friends James and Brittany got us a very nice gift card to Flemings Steakhouse for our anniversary, so we got to enjoy a very nice dinner thanks to them. We even got free cake since it was a special day for us. Don't worry we decided to share it with our friends : )

Here's to another great year of marriage, cheers!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Wonderful Years of Marriage

Well, another year and hundreds of new wonderful memories created and shared with my husband.

Here's a brief list of what all our past year included:

  • Owned our first home

  • Said hello to my first big girl public relations career

  • Made wonderful friends in Bartlesville

  • Welcomed our nephew Wade Douglas Kirkpatrick into the world

  • Survived the coldest winter in Oklahoma history

  • Said goodbye to my first big girl career

  • Sold our first home

  • Moved to Houston, TX

  • Made new/reunited with friends in Houston (thanks James and Brittany for being such awesome friends to us!)

  • Saw a piece of history as Prince William married Kate Middleton

  • Traveled to Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, whew!

And I know I am probably forgetting some major stuff, but you get the gist, we move around and travel a lot which makes for a busy life.

We have been through a lot together in the past year, nothing traumatic, but we have been very busy and our lives haven't seemed to slow down since we got married. However, I wouldn't change our crazy lives for anything. Jesse is my best friend, a great roommate (does his own laundry and all) and a wonderful husband. All I have to say is thanks sweetie for putting up with me another year, I know there will be many more crazy, happy times ahead.

Happy Anniversary Jesse!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Week At a Glimpse

This past week was a busy one! I went up to Elgin, OK to spend time with family. I spent a lot of time with my niece and nephew. Their parents ( aka my sister and brother-in-law) went on a week trip to Mexico, which meant these two little ones were spoiled all week by their grandparents...and their aunt Heather of course.

Lucas on a horse. And don't worry that is not a scared face, it's just a big smile. It's so funny when you tell him to smile for the camera because he has to say "cheeeeese" and as soon as he is done saying it, the smile is gone :) Kids can be so funny.

And here's Blue Mouth Lillian! She loved her blueberry snow cone.

I thought this picture was too cute. All of the cousins together. Lillian reading to her brother and two cousins Nathan and Wade (those boys are growing way too fast for me). This moment probably only lasted a few seconds so I am glad I got a shot of it.

Jumping on the trampoline...even my mom and dad joined in, which was something to see :)

The main reason I went to Oklahoma was to visit my grandparents. My grandma Loretta has not been feeling well lately and due to a series of events is now feeling better, but is really weak. She needs physical therapy and more on call care so she is going to be in a Care Center for hopefully just a few months until her strength returns.

We got her all settled in and stayed a few day's to be with her. She seems to be doing OK, but I know my family would really appreciate prayers for her, my granddad and all of us.

Not only did I get to see my grandparents, but both of my uncles (mom's side) and several cousins, so it was really good to see all of them.

Justa Passin Through

As I traveled to Oklahoma this past week, I drove through several small towns. One in particular caught my eye. The town of Calvert, TX. Calvert is a historic Victorian town founded in 1868 (and yes it's registered as a historic town and all of that).

I have driven through it several times before and each time I have been wanting to take a few snap shots. Well, this time I just decided why not?

As many of you know, I am a wanna be photographer. All I lack is the right camera and skill :)BUT what else do you need when you have the heart and Photoshop? Well, yes skill would be nice. Anyway, my point being, this town is full of great senior/engagement photo backdrops.

I love this building, so colorful.

Now this is a fun door.

Here are a few pictures of the town.

In honor of my grandma Loretta I took this picture.

I would love to eat at this restaurant. Maybe next time I go through.

None of these pictures of have been touched up with Photoshop. (and they obviously don't look photo shopped) In fact most of these shots were taken from the car. I have been playing around on Photoshop and hope to have some before and after pictures soon.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cleaning Out the Closet

I have learned a new trick! Today I had this huge urge to go shopping, everyone gets those urges right? Anyway, I wanted to get new things, but I knew there was nothing that I " absolutely had to have or else I would die" type stuff, so I cleaned out my closet to prove that I NEEDED new clothes. In the process of cleaning out my closet, not only did I realize I have an extreme excess amount of clothes, but I also found old clothes that I love! I now have seven new/old outfits hanging in my closet...that I guess technically have always been hanging in my closet.

So if you are getting those "I desperately need new clothes" blues, just clean out your closet. If you have an empty closet when you are done, then go shopping. If not, then maybe you will come to the same realization that I did. Man, I can be so smart sometimes.

Pictures of clothes that are long over due to go to a new home.

Here we go, a little more organized.

I have a problem, I think I hoard jeans. You don't want to know what is left in my closet.

The clothes are still in good shape, just things I have out grown (sad to say), so if anyone wants them, just let me know. If not, then out they go by next week.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red, White and Blue

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, I know the McKee family did!

This year Jesse and I traveled to Knoxville, TN to celebrate the holiday. We made a stop in Gallatin, TN to visit his grandparents, sister, brother-in-law, aunt, uncle and counsins first.

The McKee boys.
We went to the neighborhood parade Monday morning. I thought this little girl was just too cute.

There were no fire bans in Tennessee so there were fireworks.

My best firework shot. I can never seem to get a great one, but I really like this picture.

We also got to travel to four new states.

Virgina. In front of Martha Washington Inn.
North Carolina. At the Biltmore Home, which is the largest private residential home in the United States.
The Biltmore had beautiful gardens. I just love this picture that Jesse took.

South Carolina. Just in front of an old building.

Georgia. We thought the peaches were appropriate.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Firework Photography Tips

Happy 4th of July to all!

I hope it is full of family, fun, food and fireworks.

I found an article on Yahoo that gave tips to taking good pictures of fireworks and I thought I would share it:

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