Sunday, November 23, 2014

BB2 Month 7

Since I am having this baby in January (a cold month), and now that the weather has turned cold, it has finally dawned on me how close I am to having this baby! The time has flown and I am starting to feel the pressure to get things ready. I am not to the nesting phase yet, but I am definitely feeling anxious about what seems to be a long to do list to prepare for his arrival. Just like last time, I know it will get done : ) The baby will come rather or not we have the crib up, so I am trying to stay relaxed about it.

This month has brought on lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. They are mild, but frequent. Nothing I am concerned about though. I had them all the time with Emerson as well.

Also, this is the first month where people have confidently and openly asked me about my (large) bump. I think before, even though I looked pregnant, people were hesitant because I had Emerson with me and they either thought 1) she is still carrying her pregnancy weight from her son or 2) there is no way that woman can have a young toddler and be pregnant! Lol.

Here is a brief recap of what went on this month:

  • I have gained a total of 23 lbs and I am gaining at a good rate (1 lb per week).
  • I feel huge! We took family pictures this month and looking at the picture of my big arms/belly/legs/etc. made me realize how much my body has really's hoping it all magically melts away after baby comes.
  • Heartburn still continues. This is one thing I don't remember having any problems with when I was pregnant with Emerson. On the flip side, I like eating bananas, something my stomach wouldn't tolerate with Emerson.
  • I am enjoying the cooler weather as it is way more comfortable for me than the heat. 
  • Mild swelling in ankles at the end of the day.

Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving!
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