Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Henry's 4 Months Old

My motto this month to Henry has been "Don't grow up, sweet baby!" Seriously, this kid is changing so much faster than Emerson did as a baby it seems. I'm probably just enjoying each phase in the moment more instead of curious what new things will happen in the future.

This month has been my favorite so far. His sleep improved, smiles and laughs emerged, lots of cooing...I can see the baby he is becoming and he is just too adorable for words. Figuring out his personality has been interesting. On one hand he is very laid back and smiley, but on the other hand he can really wind up! I mean, this boy can deliver an ear piercing scream. Just ask the poor ladies who help in the church nursery : )

He was nothing but smiles for his photo shoot this month.

Emerson and Henry had their first real interaction this month. Emerson did something funny in front of Henry and Henry got a big smile on his face, which made Emerson laugh. Another funny brother interaction, the boys were playing in the living room away from each other, I turn my back for one second and when I get back to the living room I find Emerson dragging Henry by the ankle across the room. Henry was just smiling away. All I could do was laugh and then of course I stopped Emerson. I love this!

Such a goofy face!

Eating: Still breastfeeding every 2.5-3 hours. Has become way more distracted while eating. 

Activity: Rolled from belly to back for the first time. He also started swinging his legs to the side when he is on his back. He may roll the other way by next month. Found his tongue and loves to stick it out and make spit bubbles. Starting to grab toys on his play mat. Has found his hands a few times and can bring them together.

Sleeping: No more sleeping in RNP. Taking all naps in crib (or car seat when we are on the go) and sleeps in PNP at night. My favorite month so far in the sleeping department. About half the time he will sleep a good 10 hours without waking up. Other nights he just wakes up once, around 3-4 a.m. Still seems to like to take a longer afternoon nap every now and then. Usually he takes a good long nap if he has had to take several car naps. He sleeps so much better in his own crib. He is really good about going to sleep on his own for naps, but nighttime is another story. We seems to have hit the famous 4 month sleep regression. It takes a lot of rocking and nursing with several attempts to get him to sleep. Once he is down. he sleeps just fine. Most nights it takes at least 3-5 attempts before he goes to sleep. Something will have to change soon.

Doctor Visit Stats:
  • Height: 25 3/4 inches
  • Weight: 14 lbs 8 oz
  • Other: More shots. Poor baby does not likes those.

Likes, Dislikes and Other Milestones:
  • Had our first giggle! It was more like one chuckle, but I'll take it. He loves to smile, but those laughs are hard to come by.
  • Eye color is still a bluish, greenish, brown. Pretty sure that's a color, right? 
  • Now likes diaper changes. He usually gets a big smile on his face when his fanny gets aired out.
  • Likes sucking on his thumb/fingers.
  • Both the boys stayed home with Jesse for the first time alone while I had to be gone. Both boys slept the whole time of course.
  • Does not like the dryers in public bathrooms. Scares him half to death every time.
  • Helped momma celebrate her birthday and Mother's Day.
  • Herniated belly button went away.
  • Putting everything in his mouth. An early sign of teething perhaps?   
  • Makes a pretty cute outy face. Makes me smile every time.

Looking forward to more of those sweet smiles and laughter in the future!
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