Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

Please tell me someone gets that movie quote.  My best friend wrote that to me in my birthday card and I laughed because I'd almost forgotten about that movie, 13 Going on 30. Great movie, but I must say, Jennifer Gardner's character seemed to live a way more glam life then my real life 30-year-old self. But this is real life after all.

So I'm now the BIG 3-0. As I've told friends, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I'm definitely not sad. I've heard your 30s are wonderful, so I look forward to what the next decade holds for me.

Birthday selfie with the one child that was awake.

It is weird to think back on my 20s and realize how much change occurred during that time. Went to college, found true love, married said true love, first job, first house, first move, new jobs, new houses, new locations, two beautiful What could possibly happen in my 30s? Guess I'll have the next 10 years to figure that out : )


 Time to open presents! I technically didn't open a single gift, Emerson opened them all for me : ) He let me open my cards.

For all those before me, keep paving the way to making thirties look great and for those still behind me, hold dear to your youth!

Happy 30th to me!

Monday, May 9, 2016

E Turns Three

Birthday's are no fun for mommies. It's the day we realize our "baby"  is growing up. Sigh.
Over the past year, Emerson has grown in small ways, especially in comparison to the first year of life. But I still can't believe how much he changed. It was hard this year because we seemed so focused on all of Henry's changes that suddenly we realized how big Emerson had become.

Here's just a few things I've noticed a change in:
  • Bursting vocabulary. Talks non-stop. Likes to talk to others on the phone
  • Has developed fears.
  • Moved to a big boy bed.
  • Potty trained.
  • Has gained an attitude. I now know what they mean by threenager.
  • Likes to play pretend more.
  • Will actually sit and watch a show/movie.  
  • Has started memorizing books.
  • Can say and identify most alphabet letters.
  • Says the Pledge of Allegiance. Adorable to listen to.
  • Got his first tricycle and has mastered riding a two wheeler scooter.
  • Has great hand-eye coordination and loves playing any sport. 
  • Has completely lost interest in sitting in a stroller and prefers to walk.
And the list could go on forever!

We started his big day with a cinnamon roll breakfast and it's the only time he let me sing happy birthday to him. The rest of day he refused to let anyone sing.

His birthday fell on a school day on Tuesday, so we got to have a little party at school.

Yummy cookies our sweet friend from church made. She did a fantastic job of making them look like Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machine show (his birthday party theme).

Henry really enjoyed getting to sit with the big kids and eat his cookie : )

When daddy came home from work we opened presents and enjoyed our birthday cookies. Emerson was only crying because we tried to sing happy birthday to him. He was fine as soon as we stopped.

The following Saturday we had his party at the park! It was really the perfect location for a bunch of toddlers to run around. Even the big kids that came really enjoyed the park. Simple. Fun. Free. How can you beat that?

Happiest of birthday's my sweet, three-year-old boy! We love you.
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