Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Before and Afters

We had two major trimmings around our house last month, our yard and Emerson's hair : )

We have a corner lot that was wonderfully landscaped when we moved in, but over time I had a really hard time keeping up with its demands, so we scheduled to have a landscaper come out and clean it up. 





During. (He did not like the spray bottle)


I couldn't cut the curls!

Friday, July 18, 2014

48 Out of 50

Five years ago, Jesse and I set the lofty goal of traveling to all 50 states before our fifth wedding anniversary. After a few years and realizing how expensive some of those trips were going to cost (example: Alaska, Hawaii), we then changed our plans to at least see the 48 contiguous states.

Well, folks, we have done it! Our last two states to visit were Washington and Oregon and we completed our travels over the fourth of July. Our anniversary is on July 25, so we just barely got them all done : )

First stop was Seattle. We met my parents there and spent most of our vacation with them. It was nice to get to explore new places together.

Taking a ferry ride across the Puget Sound.

Space Needle.

At the top.

Pikes Place Market. 
Beautiful flowers, delicious fresh fruit and fun fish throwing.

Tour of the Boeing museum, views of the facility.

                                                                 Mount Saint Helens.

At the top of our hike of Beacon Rock, views of the Columbia River.

Stroller naps, what are these? Emerson had never taken a stroller nap until this vacation. I guess when he is tired enough, he will sleep anywhere. Sure did make traveling on vacation a little easier.

We stayed with my Uncle Gene and his wife, Sondra, for a few nights. And then we finished our trip by spending time in Portland, OR.

Last day in Portland, toured the rose gardens which were so beautiful.

Voodoo Doughnuts were amazing! A must try while in Portland.

Lastly, we made a trip to Eugene, OR to see the University of Oregon. Can you guess who most excited about this?

People have been asking us "now what?" since we have completed our goal. And the answer is simple...keep traveling! We love to travel and see new places. We may travel back to some of our favorites, see new parts of certain states and are ultimate visit all seven continents! No timeline for that one : )
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