Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Where in the World is Heather Feather?!?!

Let me tell you where...right here! I've been doing this thing called life and boy does it have me busy. And when it's not busy, I'm doing laundry.

If someone had told me how busy this phase of life would have been, I'm not sure I would have started a blog seven years ago. Speaking of seven years, it's been (almost) seven years! So if you are reading this and have been since I started typing, then congratulations you're now seven years older just like me : ) Some may find that humorous, others depressing. I'm not sure where I stand on that matter just yet.

Anyway, I know all you care about are photos, so I'll do a quick recap of  the McKee life.

 Emerson went to his first dentist appointment. All looked good and he did great.

We celebrated Father's Day and Jesse's cousin and two of his boys came to visit. Talk about being outnumbered that weekend!

We celebrated Fourth of July at Grammy and Granddads house.

We had more cousins visit. Again, outnumbered.

We went to the Nashville zoo with Gramma and Pops.

 We went to Uncle Evan and Aunt Lea's wedding.

 The boys started school. Henry's first year!

We took a relaxing vacation to the Smokey mountains.

The end.

Except, not really. We did lots of fun things in between and had not so fun things either. Pool parties, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, Jesses' cousins wedding, a family reunion, trip to the beach, more family visits, finding out my dad had cancer (and then broke six ribs), a pumpkin patch, costume parties and so, so much more. 

But that is life and I love doing life with my family. They are the best.

Now, the end.

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