Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Blog: Furniture

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...

First let me say, that right now I would really like to complain, but my husband sweetly reminded me that I was "one of the happiest people he knows and I should not complain on my blog and make myself seem like an unhappy person." So sweet, and sometimes completely not true, but I do like to think of myself as a happy person for the most part.

So I have completely rewritten my blog to not sound as complaining as it was.

Anyway, our bedroom furniture is here! To those of you who don't know the whole story you may think I am crazy and that this is nothing to get excited about, but it has been quite the ordeal. We ordered our furniture back at the end of April, we were told it would be here at the end of May and it arrived the end of July! So I have had to think happy thoughts about our furniture for a long time.

Here it is:

Now, I know the newest thing is to not have matchy furniture, but I guess I am not creative enough to pull together things that don't match and yet still go together.

In the end, Jesse and I love our new furniture and we are very happy to have settled into our completed bedroom.


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  1. Oooh, and you've added some more windows and a stone wall to your bedroom - how nice hahaha!
    Seriously, I love the furniture - I have always wanted a matching set for my bedroom.


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