Thursday, March 17, 2011

Houston Update

I said I would keep everyone informed about our Houston move and so far I have done a terrible job.

A few weeks late on this information, but we did find an apartment to live in, which was a huge weight off our shoulders. We will be living on the west side of Houston in a 2 bedroom apartment (an extra room for visitors of course) that is close to Jesse's work for now.

Next steps: sale our house, get moved, find me a job! (Not necessarily in that order, but preferably)

After we are settled in Houston and I have a job we can start looking for a house, which I am hoping and praying happens fast! I forgot how little I enjoyed apartment living. Jesse and I went to look at our apartment right after we signed the papers and someone had their music cranked up way too loud, you could hear dogs barking and you could hear people walking above you, perfect. Nothing like moving from a beautiful, spacious home to a cramped, slightly less appealing apartment.

The apartment itself is great though and I feel very blessed that we found one we liked that was safe and in our price range in the short amount of time we were visiting Houston.

In other news: I plan on going to Elgin this weekend to visit family and the following weekend, my bff is coming for a visit so I am super excited about the weekends to come :)

Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day, I wore my green, did you?

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  1. Hey Girl! I hope everything is going great. Mom and dad have your number so they will be calling for a dinner date. We are coming down the last weekend of April(weekend after easter) and we would LOVE to see you guys! Love you both dearly and will keep praying for smooth transitions!


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