Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crisis Averted

Hair crisis that is.

Two hair cuts...

Inches upon inches removed...

Three washes...

Three stylings...

Many tears...

and $$$ later, my hair was some what workable again.

What a Saturday.

My long, beautiful hair was a blank canvas that I had been growing out in order to do something amazing with it, and then I found my inspiration on Pinterest.

My inspiration...

...complete failure on my hair. I did not get a before and after, but trust me when I say hair cut #1 was BAD. My husband said, "It looks like a mullet!" He quickly followed it up with "it's not that bad." Sadly, he was right.

The only fix was to shell out the big bucks and go to a more experienced hair dresser. Oh and as a side note, in Houston, you can't get a hair cut any where for less than $50 (which I find outrageous), so having an "experienced" hairdressers = $$$. In the end, it was worth it.

A decent view of the recovered hair.

If only I had started with the experienced hairdresser, I think I could have had my inspired hair look.If you have ever had a bad hair cut experience, please share to make me feel better : )


  1. Heather, it looks cute!!! And will grow out before you know it, and you'll get to try the layered long look again.

    I am so not picky about my hair, so I really can't say I've ever had a total disaster experience... but I also HATE paying over $50 (ummm... over $60? sometimes over $90, with highlights??) for the good stylists... and add the salon hair care products on top of that, it's outrageous!! But you get what you pay for, and you have no way of knowing that until you drop the SuperCuts and go for the Jon Alan Salon or wherever you end up. The way I justify it is to just go like once every 4 months... so if I spend $80, that averages out to $20 a month--I can live with that. Jonathan goes to Great Clips for $15 about every 6 weeks so mine is still more than all of his combined, but he's easy, he's a guy!

  2. This one looks good, too, but I'd like to see the inspiration one work as well - it is so fun! Aren't you glad hair grows?

  3. How stressful! Looks beautiful now!


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