Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Vacation- Part 3

Final Destination: Las Vegas, NV

Our friends, James and Brittany, met us for this leg of the vacation and it was a blast. 

Jesse and I found a nice surprise when we checked into our hotel...we had been upgraded to a suite!

We spent one morning at Hoover Dam.

The Wynne This actually made one of my favorite things to do in Vegas. Sad that in revolves around food.

Some hotels had beautiful garden areas.

Where we stayed.

Old Vegas strip. This made my favorite list as well, loved all of the traditional bright lights.

Well, that concludes the McKee summer vacation blog posts. Six new states crossed off our list. We have now been to 42 states in three years of marriage! I love our traveling adventures.


  1. I loved the old part of Vegas, too! What a great ending to your trip.

  2. Cute pics!! Smart thinking, to take friends with you so they can take your picture :) Y'all are living the life! Now, why didn't you take a picture of Jesse with all his Vegas winnings? Hmmmm? ;)


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