Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Birthday and Congratulations, Pops!

I have gotten out of order in my blog posts, so now that our big baby secret has been revealed, I must rewind a bit to catch you all up on other happenings from the McKee household.

Jesse's parents, Mike and Kim, came to visit at the first of November to see us, attend the international quilt show (Kim) and celebrate Mike's "big" birthday. *I won't reveal ages.

It was the perfect opportunity to share the baby news while they were here, especially since we wanted to tell all the family we could in person.

Here we are at Taste of Texas celebrating Mike's birthday.

We came back to our house to have a second dessert, yes second, and open birthday cards.
We had a really cute idea lined up for the announcement, but then that failed, so instead we bought Mike a birthday card that was from the baby.
Opening card number one (baby's was at the bottom)
Opening card number two.

Opening card number three, baby's card! You can see the confusion on Mike's face and you can tell Kim has just about figured it out.
I have no pictures of what happened next (although we do have video), but you can only imagine there were lots of hugs and excitement.
Here they are looking at the sonogram.
Besides revealing baby news, we celebrated Mike's birthday by checking something off his bucket list. We went to the Alamo in San Antonio.

Since this is Mike and Kim's first grandchild, they got to choose their grandparent names, Pops and Gramma.

My parents already have five grandkids so they will remain Granddad and Grammy.

Between the four grandparents, seven great grandparents, four aunts, four uncles, five cousins and numerous other family members and friends, our child will be very, very loved!


  1. The age is on the pie -- ha!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha, this is true, but at least I didn't say it : )

  2. Yes, look closely at the pie and you can see - 09!


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