Friday, May 10, 2013

The 27th Year Has Begun

My 26th year was a really good one. It was the year we decided to start a family, the year we got pregnant and the year Emerson entered our lives.

Today I get to smile as I start a new journey as a 27 year old! Here are 10 good reasons for me to smile today:
  1. It's my birthday, of course this makes the top of the list
  2. I got to spend the whole day with my little man
  3. I held my baby to sleep as I started typing this post and he smiled
  4. We went out to eat as a family of three for the first time tonight
  5. I forgot to get the mail the past few days so when I went this morning to check, I had tons of birthday cards waiting for me
  6. I got more sleep last night, which meant a better start to my day
  7. Emerson is three weeks old step closer to consistent better sleep (hopefully)
  8. I got to take a shower and feel pretty (a huge accomplishment right now)
  9. Jesse and I are going to watch a movie tonight after Emerson goes to sleep
  10. It's Friday! Which means Jesse is home all weekend and I can get some extra sleep
Wow, I just realized that five of my above talk about sleep. You can tell it is obviously really important to me right now, haha.

I look forward to seeing what this year of surprises lies ahead for me. I look forward to watching Emerson grow and our family bond.

Us at dinner.
I love this little man!

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