Saturday, October 25, 2014

BB2 Months 5 and 6: Wrapping Up the Second Trimester

There is a baby inside me! 

OK, so the doctors have been telling me this for months, but I just didn't believe them 100 percent until now (obviously I believed them, I was just in denial). Now I can actually SEE my baby bump and most importantly I can FEEL him happily move about. It's a very familiar feeling that I excitingly welcome back. : )

Here are a few highlights of these past few months: 

  • Around 22-24 weeks, heart burn and leg cramps started.
  • I have gained a total of 20 lbs so far...and the holidays haven't even hit. Yikes, I could be in trouble.
  • Arms are getting big and my double chin is reappearing : ( I guess that's what happens when you gain 20 lbs.
  • Tons of little baby kicks! At the beginning of the second trimester there were tons of little flutters, but by the end there have been bigger movements and kicks.
  • Had anatomy ultrasound and glucose test. All came back looking great. No gestational diabetes for me, yay!
  • Officially in to only maternity tops, but still try to pull off regular pants with a belly band. It's not the most comfortable, but I feel like I am constantly pulling up my maternity pants because they fall down. 
  • Picked out a nursery theme, construction. I figured it would transition well into a toddler bedroom. It's all about thinking ahead with this one.
  • Emerson has started using his baby brother as a pillow, and sometimes he seems curious as to why we keep calling my belly "baby brother." I think he knows something is changing, he just has no clue to what depth. Time will tell how he reacts when baby gets here.

Looking ahead:
  • I now start seeing my doctor every two weeks.
  • I am on the hunt for a second crib...if anyone knows anyone looking to get rid of one, let me know. I am not being picky, just as long as it's safe.
  • Cant wait to start decorating the nursery, but first I need to organize.

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