Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Second Year Photos of Emerson: Using My New Camera Lens

I got an awesome new camera lens for my birthday, the Canon EF 50 mm (f/1.8).  Love it! It's great for close up shots and gives the background a nice blurry look.

This new lens inspired me to attempt taking Emerson's two year photos instead of hiring a photographer. I make no claim to being a photographer, but I love to take photos and capture memories. I wish I was artistic enough to capture those incredibly awesome photos (you know, the ones with the perfect lighting and angle), but truth is, I lack the artistic vision. But I try anyway : )

The only downside to this lens is there is no zoom, so you have to be right up next to your subject to get the right shot. In this case my subject was Emerson, and well, he doesn't stay put very easily. So it meant more running around for me.  

Here a few of my favorites of the ones I took. They are slightly edited in photoshop, but the straight-out-of-camera ones look great too.

These first two are some of my favorites.

His face on this one just cracks me up!

Another one of my favorites.

 My attempt at one of those cool, artistic shots, but my subject would not turn around. He just kept saying "bumpy" as he ran his hands up and down the side of the wall. For this shot, a zoom would have been nice. I couldn't get Emerson close enough to the 2 to get him and the number completely in the shot...and I couldn't back up any further.  

Love that little tongue sticking out.

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