Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Life Update on Emerson

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly...and The Wonderful.

I'm talking about life moments with a toddler. Oh my, the past six months has taught me a lot about my little guy. Emerson is just so much fun at this age, and yet so very challenging. He makes me question every parenting decision I make, teaches me new patience daily, has made me pull my hair out, and yet still I discover a deeper love for him.

If it sounds like a crazy roller costar, it is.

Parenting a toddler is no joke, but watching him grow into the little man that he is becoming is so very worth it.

He laughs at his own jokes. He likes to play with his brother (on his own terms of course). He is social and yet shy. You never know which Emerson is going to show up (personality wise) when we are in public. He is very verbal. I often catch him singing Faithfully by Journey or There's a Fountain Free from our church song book. He likes to mimic everything! He loves his momma, but is attached to daddy's hip on the weekends.

The past six months has brought some changes. He's finally adjusting to having baby brother around (only took about 6 months, eek). He had tubes put in his ears and it made a world of difference on his mood since the ear infection were gone. Now, unfortunately, we can't blame his tantrums on his ears...its all him! We celebrated holidays, went on vacations, played and grew. All the while, I didn't think he was changing much, until I went back and looked at pictures. Emerson has changed so much! It's scary how quickly my mind forgets the baby he once was.

Each day he changes, each day he makes me smile, each day I laugh with him and each day he makes me mad and feel tired. But that's what it's like being a parent. You take the good with the bad, with the ugly, and in return you get the wonderful : )
Just after his second birthday.

 He looks like such a baby here!

This is our everyday norm. No pants and lot of tears.

I can't even handle that hair and those glasses. This was right before our beach vacation in July.

 Heart melted. Probably one of my favorite photos ever.

And we can't forget about brother. This was the first time Emerson ever asked to hold Henry. Made my world. 

Showing off our more feminine side.

First day back at Play School. It's like he grew up overnight in this photo.

 Sharing sweet hugs with brother.

Happy 2.5 years, Emerson. We have survived this far, let's make it to age three!

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