Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Family Thanksgiving, 2015

Leaves, matching shirts, beautiful weather, LOTS of wonderful food, and family...yep, that sums our family Thanksgiving. 

We had lots of fun traveling to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with Jesse's family. 
The boys did great on the car ride, had fun playing with their cousins (first, second, once removed...whatever), and slept like champs despite all the chaos. All around great trip! 

Our best attempt at a family photo.

So much fun in the leaves!

Henry's first Thanksgiving!
"Grrr, I'm going to crush these leaves"

Brother photos may be my new favorite thing. They are so awkward and so sweet.

Going in for a kiss! 

Play time at the park with the adults and kids.

All those cousins (first, second, once removed...whatever).

The second day we went to Jesse's grandparents farm and spent the day with family. Emerson had the time of his life riding on the back of a pick up truck through the pasture and climbing up into BIG tractors. Wish I would have taken more of this day, but somehow only found ONE picture (which I stole from my MILs Facebook page. Thanks, Kim).

Emerson was in heaven riding on the back of the truck. He was especially tickled when he saw a cow poop. *sorry for the gross image

So many blessings this Thanksgiving. Hope you all were able to count yours.

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