Friday, December 9, 2016

O Chritstmas Tree, 2016

Ah, nothing beats a fresh Christmas tree! And finding one, well that's just all part of the fun that helps me get into the Christmas spirit. I love going to a tree farm on a cold day, with the sun shining bright, and trailing through rows and rows of trees, evaluating each one (twice) before decided on the perfect one. And the perfect "one" is always a Fraser Fir.

This year was nothing like the scene I described.

We made a mad dash, past the kids bedtimes, to Home Depot and grabbed one of few Fraser Firs that were left. The kids were cranky (and rightly so), and no one really wanted to take a family photo that I was making them take (see photo below).

The experience of shopping wasn't as wonderful, BUT I still love my fresh tree, and loved getting to pick it out as a family and decorate it. It's always the start of our Christmas season tradition.

If looks could kill, Henry's just might!

 Traditional "binging it through the door" photo.

Time to decorate!

I love this one just because Henry is in the background with his toy cell phone saying "cheese" while he snaps the button. Obviously he's from a generation where only cell phones are used as cameras.

Emerson was all about decorating the tree this year, and he did so well. He was very gentle with each ornament he hung...and only broke one. Success.

Henry had no interest in decorating the big tree, but...
 ...he did enjoy decorating his little felt tree.

Happy December, Everyone!

P.S. it took has a whole week to complete the process, hence all the different outfit changes we had : )

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  1. I love this post and all the pictures, especially the faces in the backgrounds


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