Monday, April 5, 2010

More House Photos

Jesse and I went on a weekend getaway this past weekend (all of which I will blog about on my next post). Our first stop was our house (well almost) in Bartlesville. We just stopped by to take a few pictures of the exterior since we did not have any. Enjoy!
Front view.
Contract pending, that's us!
Side yard.
Back yard. Back yard, facing house.

The house already has great landscaping.

Stay tuned for the post on Jesse's secret weekend getaway for me!

1 comment:

  1. Pretty front yard! And it doesn't look like it needs to be mowed yet, either. But still lots of potential in the back to put your own touch on it. I will be bringing you some cuttings whenever we get out there to see you. One is a plant that my Grandmother's father-in-law brought her in the 40's and she moved a piece to every house they lived in. I got some from her before they sold their last house, and I moved it here, too. Now some of it can go back to Oklahoma!


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