Monday, April 5, 2010

Secret Weekend Getaway

Jesse and I have become quite the travelers. The one advice we almost always hear from "older" married couples is "travel, travel, travel while you are a young married couple, because once you have children it will become more difficult to travel." We took that advice to heart and NO we are not ready to have children at this time (Just to clear that question up).

Jesse surprised me with a weekend getaway to St. Louis Missouri! I was allowed one question a day and he told me one clue a day, I never guessed it right.
Our first stop: Lambert's Cafe. Located in Ozark MO. A famous restaurant where they throw rolls at you. Lots of food...I think I gained weight just from that place.

Second stop: The Gateway Arch in St. Louis MO. Great view of the arch from our hotel room.

Jesse and I at the base of the arch.

The elevator to ride to the top of the arch was tiny! It was called a "pod" and you could not even stand up in it. This was a challenge for me but I survived.
View from the top of the arch.

Jesse and I drove across the river into Illinois, I have no idea where we were at but we wanted our picture in Illinois so we just pulled over and took one. Not much to look at.

These trees were everywhere and I loved them.

These are the blooms on the trees. Anyone know the name of this tree? I want one!

Third Stop: The Anheuser-Busch Factory. Jesse likes factory tours, I had never been on one and it was free! Three great reasons to go. It was sad however to see so many parents (with their kids on their hips) were already inebriated before the tour even started, we saw a lot of "white trash" America.

A great Photo Opportunity...

Final stop: Six Flags! We are still kids at heart.


  1. How fun! Love the picture from the base of the arch - did you take that?

    I think that tree is a dogwood, but am not 100%.

  2. Great pics! I love the view picture - it could be a postcard. Jesse should know that that is a tulip magnolia tree - we have two in our yard! They were beautiful here, too, which is significant since the blooms are very water-content (is that a word?) and 4 out of 5 years they will be bitten by a freeze and turn an ugly brown overnight. Sorry, Sarah, definately not a dogwood, which is a prolific tree around here and quite familiar to me. We are even in the middle of our Dogwood Arts Festival, celebrating its' 50th year. Keep traveling and seeing all you can; this is a beautiful country we live in.

  3. WHAT FUN!!!! and yes it is true, once you have kids it becomes difficult to travel bc of EVERYTHING you have to pack. You have a sweet husband!! Glad you guys have fun and I want one of those trees too!! Love ya

  4. It looks like you guys had a great trip! We have a tree like that at our church. I think someone told me it was a type of magnolia tree, but I have no idea. Love all the pics!


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