Friday, May 7, 2010

Blogging Help

I need help with my blog. I recently discovered that I am a follower of my own blog! I have no idea how long it has been there or how I did it. Maybe some of you have realized it, but I promise I am not that desperate for followers to sign myself up for my own blog. Does anyone know how to "un"follow a blog?


  1. I'm sure there is a way to un-follow or unsubscribe from your blog. I actually follow my own blog. I read most blogs in google reader and I like to see how mine shows up in there. It is good to know if it publishes it twice or if you accidentally press publish and weren't ready, then I know if it showed up in reader or not. I don't think people will be judging you for following your own blog. :)

  2. I like L.'s comment - it's good to check up on how the finished product looks. I keep checking to see pics of the great lawn mowing. Don't worry if you didn't take any, there will be plenty of other chances :)


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