Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moving, Family and Friends

I can sum up this post with one word, BUSY! Busy is what Jesse and I have been for the past couple of weeks. We moved into our new house in Bartlesville Wednesday May 19th and since then we have had six guests come visit us. Jesse and I had a great time with all of our guests, most of them we had not seen in a while so it was good to spend time with them. Now that they are all gone I don't know what to do with myself! To say my life will go back to normal is incorrect, I don't know what normal is yet in Bartlesville since we have had so many guests. But the house is clean so if anyone else would like to visit, Jesse and I would love to have you come see us! And I am getting much better at cooking for a crowd. For the past year I had only cooked for Jesse so my cooking skills have really been put to the test and I can say proudly that I succeeded.

Pictures from our past busy weeks.

Moving Truck. It was very nice to have someone pack, load and unpack all of our stuff.

Mom helping me plant flowers.
The Finished project. The flowers have already bloomed so much since we planted them.
In front of Frank Phillips Home.
Woolaroc Adventures(Stands for Woods, Lakes, Rocks)

Mike and Kim in front of an old oil derrick in Johnstone Park.

Jesse with his mom on an old railroad track. One of the side adventures we took.

All the things we did while our guests we're here:

Toured the antique district of Dewey; Went to an old time soda shoppe; Tom Mix Museum; Toured downtown; Keepsake candle factory; Toured Frank Phillips home; Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa; Went to two different parks; Explored Bartlesville; Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife preserve.

I am sure I missed something. The great part is that there is still stuff to do!

This weekend is Sunfest here is Bartlesville. Not 100% sure what it is, but Jesse and I are going. My guess is that it is some type of music festival or mini fair.

I will try to do a better job this month on keeping you all posted.



  1. Yes, Bartlesville is a fun place to visit, and I am sure will be a fun place to live.

  2. I'm driving to Minneapolis later this summer for the same reason! How long did it take you all to get there?? I'm also going to add in Wisconsin ... but other than that it will be about the same trip it sounds like!


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