Sunday, February 6, 2011

Setting Records

The first of February brought approximately 12 inches of snow here in Bartlsville, OK. Yesterday about 14 inches more snow fell totaling about 26 inches all together so far. Other than setting record snow fall we also set a record low in temperature this morning. A low of -28 degrees was recorded during the early morning which according to one news channel was colder than the North Pole or Alaska! Here are some pictures of the snow day's around our house.

Snow Storm #1

Snow Storm 2

Weather forcast for next week...70 degrees!!! I can't wait!



  1. That is way too cold!!! Makes our 20s seem balmy. I love the 4 window picture - looks like someone had some spare time on her hands :-}

  2. I cannot believe how much snow you all got! I'm looking forward to the warm temps!


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