Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Family Visitors

I officially have to add the month in the title when we have family visitors because we have had so many lately, but I am not complaining, we have so enjoyed family coming to visit us.

And now for our featured November visiotrs: Mike and Kim McKee (aka Jesse's parents).

Wednesday was Mike's birthday, so we ventured out to the Mason Jar for dinner.

Opening a few presents.

Mike created a beautiful painting of our friends dog, Norman. I call this picture "Stormin' Norman." There of course is a story behind it : )

Althought I didn't post a picture, Saturday Kim and I attended the International Quilt show. Wow, there are some pretty talented quilters in the world. I like to sew, but I'll stick to my curtains for now.

Sunday afternnon we went to Galveston. It was a cool by the water, but still only around 70 degrees.

Mike and Kim seeing Galveston for the first time.

Now for a silly picture...
We even saw the cutest little mermaid.

Thanks Mike and Kim for the great visit!


  1. I want to eat at the mason jar! It looks like a fun place! Mike is really talented. I think I need a picture of Nuts! :)

  2. It was a great visit - can't wait to come back. Don't hold your breath, Sweet Sim.


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