Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Review of 2011

It's that time of year, the time to reflect upon my journey through 2011. Here is a quick calendar review:

January: Got a title promotion with my old job (United Way)
February: Recorded breaking cold hits Bartlesville (-28 degrees) with a total of approx. 26 inches of snow...burr.
February: Jesse turns 25
February: Find out we are moving to Houston
March: Jesse moves to Houston
April: I finish my job and move to Houston
April: Watched history unfold as Kate and William got married
May: I turn 25
May: Sold our first home
May: Orange Beach vacation with the family
June: Surprise vacation to Montana, visited Yellowstone National Park
July: Visited TN family and toured several more states
July: Celebrated 2nd wedding anniversary
August: Started new job with Fifth Ring
September: 911 10th year anniversary
October: Travel to Key West for friends wedding
November: Celebrated Thanksgiving in TN
December: Celebrated Christmas in OK

I have no idea what lies ahead for 2012, but I already look forward to reviewing all of the wonderful year activities at the end of next year :)

Happy New Year to All!

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