Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Resolutions Debate: To Share or Not to Share?

I am a bit behind in announcing my new years resolutions and that is simply because I really don't want to share them.

If I don't write them down or say them to anyone, then I am not as accountable. Makes sense. If I am the only one who knows my year goals then I only disappoint myself if I fail. However, that defeats the purpose of a resolution, in my opinion. I want people to hold me accountable, I want to achieve my resolutions and so after a great debate, I have decided to share my resolutions with you.

No laughing please...

1) Blog: I don't necessarily want to blog more, although that would be great, I really want to comment on other people's blogs more. I read so many great blogs that are fun, witty and interesting and deserve a comment. That doesn't mean if I don't post a comment, that your blog is not fun, witty or intersting, it just means I am lazy.

2) Read a book at least once a month. I love reading, but finding the time is an issue these days

3) Try cooking new recipes more frequent (thanks to Pinterest, I look forward to this weekly)

4) Yes, I am about to say it... lose weight. I am not telling you how much, because for me I would rather be toned and fit rather than counting calories and weighing myself daily. I just want my body to look healthy, which in the process I hope to lose a few pant sizes :)

I'm not sure if you can count this next one or not as a resolution, but I am.

5) Move to a new location. I don't mean to a new state or city, I just mean a new apartment or into a house. I am ready for a living change. I want to hang curtains and have a place for my sewing machine...and a garage! Most importantly I want the kids above us to stop running and jumping and I want our neighbors to stop having band practice at odd hours of the night. Is that too much to ask?

A townhouse would be fun!

6) And finally, a resolution within a resolution: I want to re-evaluate my resolutions every few months or so. I want to keep track of them, adjust if needed and keep focus. I want to make sure these are apart of my everyday life from here on out and not just for this year. In order to do that I need to make sure I keep them on my mind until they become natural for me to do.

That's the short list of my resolutions. Of course I always want to grow closer to God and read his word, but again that is a goal I try to meet daily. I already consider it a life time goal and not just a new year resolution.

What are a few categories you are resoluting this year? Health? Religion? Financial? Family? Organization/cleaning? Fun? Now that I have shared mine, I'd love to hear from you all. Take my quiz on the sidebar and don't forget to leave a comment.


  1. I am all about the getting in shape and simplifying my life this year- lofty goals for me!

  2. My resolution for this year is to let my best be enough. I'm tired of still not being satisfied with what I do even after I give all I can give to the task... so I'm quitting that attitude & that stress!


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