Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Most Memorable Guests

I should start by saying that ALL of our guests are memorable, however our most recent family visitors take the cake :)

Congratulations to to Trace, Sarah, Nathan and Wade for making our weekend so fun and adventurous!

Now you would think having a 3 year old and an 18 month old, would make the weekend adventerous enough, but no.

Two words, "lost keys."

The lost keys led to:

  • Missed wedding

  • Locked car = no driving

  • Multiple attempts to unlock car and get new key, no luck

  • Trip to Oklahoma and back to Texas to get spare keys = 14 hour drive from my husband and brother (in my car).

  • A Sunday full of fun with my nephews and my SIL, Sarah.

Needless to say, Sarah, the boys and I got the better end of the weekend.

Here a few great photos!

Brother, SIL and the nephews eating ice cream at Ikea.

Saturday was pretty much a blur of looking for keys, but Sunday we got to take the boys to the children's museum and they had a great time.

Playing side-by-side.

I was probably more amazed by the Children's museum then the boys were. This place was awesome!

They had a cute play Vet clinic.

Nathan loved the craft area...that boy loves a good pair of scissors, safety scissors of course.
This was as good as it gets for a group picture. Wade wanted to play!

Thanks Trace and Sarah for traveling all this way, twice for Trace, to see us. We had a blast seeing you all!

Oh and for all of you who are curious....the keys are still lost.


  1. I am going to have to get some of the pictures from the Children's Museum from you! I had not seen most of those! We had a blast too!!

  2. What a crazy trip! I got the story from Sarah last week.


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