Monday, August 6, 2012

Mini Vacay

My sister and her family invited us to join them for the weekend in Galveston and we had a great time swimming in the ocean/pool for a day.

Beach photos.
This is the first summer I have been this white...ever! So I was glad to get a little sun and shed my ghost-like appearance.

Sister and bother-in-law cooking a delicious meal.

Love taking sunset photos.

Funny Faces.
This is what happens when you let your four-year-old nephew take your camera.

 Speaking of funny faces, looks like we are all doing our own thing in this photo.

And the funny faces continue...
What is is about a sleeper sofa on vacation that makes everyone want to pile in?

 Nothing better then getting away from the city to soak up some sun and be with family.


  1. Love all the photos! Especially the one of Lucas on the lower right!

  2. Jesse looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE in the last one... that is how he makes everyone ELSE feel all the time though, so he deserves a taste of his own medicine! :) Great pix, great share, love to hear about all your fun times.

  3. So glad you were able to join us! And good job with the pictures! The one of all of you on the couch bed is hilarious!


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