Sunday, March 10, 2013

Month 8 (weeks 29-32)- No Room in the Inn

And by "Inn" I mean my belly! More than ever this month I have been feeling the aches and pains of a growing baby, and he is running out of room. His little feet have found their way into some very uncomfortable positions, such as my ribs, ouch! The ever gaining weight has finally taken a toll on my spine and no seated position feels good.
But as always, there have been many perks, each of his little (I mean big) movements remind me that he is alive and active. And each day I get closer and closer to meeting him face-to-face. We can't believe how time has flown by!
Week 29
  • Jesse and I got to meet with our pediatrician for the first time and we both really like him. I am so glad we found one that we both feel comfortable with.
  • Celebrated Jesse's 27th birthday. His last one with just us.
  • Celebrated Valentines day by eating a delicious home cooked meal and then went to a movie.
  • Celebrated February birthdays with friends, February Birthday Bash.  
Week 30
  • Started going every two weeks to the doctor. All was good!
  • Made a final trip to Elgin, Oklahoma to visit family. I learned the hard way that driving for seven hours alone was not a good idea, my back was in pain the whole drive!

Weeks 31 and 32
  • I slacked one week on the photo taking and had to do a combo picture. It happens.
  • Baby boy finds out he likes to kick my ribs. I find out I don't like it at all : )
  • I started to have a numbness/tingling in my feet. It is a weird feeling, but normal...I guess.
  • Started birthing classes. They started out with a bang by making us watch three live birth videos.
  • The baby room is actually looking like a baby room! The crib and dresser are up and functional. We also ordered a rocking chair, just waiting on it to come in.  
  • My appetite has increased drastically. The other night, Jesse asked for a light portion of dinner, not a "Heather" portion. I guess I have been feeding him double servings since that is what I have been eating.

I can't believe it, but only one more month until I have reached "term" pregnancy (37 weeks), after that he could arrive any time!

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