Monday, March 4, 2013

"Thar she blows"

I'm no Ishmael in Moby Dick, but I am on a whale hunt.

The cute kind of whales, like these:

That's right baby's room has a theme! Our colors are navy and yellow with accents of cute whale stuff...when I can find it.

I am constantly on the hunt for cute whale finds. I am very proud of what I have so far:

Whale book end.

Whale bank, I just love the polka dots.

I have also received some adorable whale clothing and "accessories."

The cutest swim trunks!

Although whale decorations may be hard to find, at least the clothing department has it right. There are so many adorable whale clothing pieces out there right now, I guess whales are a growing trend.


  1. The bookends and the bank are so cute! His room is going to be adorable!

  2. Where did you find the darling whale bookends?


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