Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seven Months Old: "I Want My Momma!"

I didn't think Emerson could become any more fun this month, but he is! I am sure each month will bring new joys, but we can't get over how fun he is. Loving this stage!

Along with all the laughter and joy our boy bring us, he is also learning what it means to be separated from us. Yes, separation anxiety has hit this month. Some days Emerson won't even let me turn my back before crying, wanting to be picked up. And it's not like a whine, it's his "you hurt my feelings and the world is ending" type of cry. Impossible to ignore, not that I would want to : )

Some day's are more challenging than others and I struggle with leaving him in the church nursery because I know he will just cry, but I also want him to learn it is OK for other people to take care of him and learn that I will return. I know he will grow out of it someday, so for now I am just enjoying the fact that he wants me to hold him.

He has also been a rolling machine lately. He is learning that rolling is a form of transportation. He is also starting to show signs of getting ready to crawl by tucking his knees under his chest and kicking. This of course results in more rolling, but he will eventually figure it out.

Here is a breakdown of this months activities:

Sleeping: I should have knocked on wood. Emerson's sleep just seems to be all over the place, which I believe is normal so I should just except that. All-in-all he sleeps really well though and I can't complain when we have a random rough night. I am learning that he does not sleep as well when we travel, which make sense. I don't sleep as well when I am away from my own bed. We will be traveling a lot this holiday season, so sleep should be interesting.

Eating: Loves solid food! The only food he has not liked has been carrots so far. I gave him his first piece of non-pureed food, banana. He wasn't too sure what to do with it, but liked playing with it.

Activity: Oh boy, this kid is everywhere! He has found his own way of getting around. He mainly rolls and kicks, but he no longer stays in one place when you put him down on the floor to play. He is also getting much better at playing independently. Some days he can play for up to 30 minutes by himself while I dance around him getting chores done. And some days he wants nothing but to be held : )

Doctor visit stats:
  • Weight: 17 lbs 12 oz
  • Height: Unknown, but my guess is he has grown
  • Other: No more check-ups with the pediatrician until 9 months, but he does go back this week for his flu vaccine booster. We also had a second surgery on his bump and it went great. The difference between this surgery/recovery and his last were night and day. I was very pleased with the new surgeon and Emerson recovered from the surgery like a champ. So happy we went and got a second opinion.
    Likes, dislikes and other milestones:

    • Favorite toys (right now): anything that crinkles, his V-Tech car steering wheel, Mr. Elephant is still a favorite, Sophie the giraffe
    • Favorite books (right now): "Peek-a-Who?" and "That's Not My Tiger"
    • Loves to chew on everything
    • Still no teeth
    • Makes the funniest faces and sounds
    • His hair is getting long enough in the front that it has a little curl to it
    • Does not like riding in his stroller for very long. I think he would prefer to be able to see me
    • Sat in the seat part of the grocery cart and loved it
    • Now in size 3 diapers, probably will be in that size for a while
    • Wears 9 mo clothing, very few 12 mo clothing
    • Is now making all kinds of funny noises, but still no "mama" "dada" sounds
    • Celebrated his first Halloween and looked adorable in his costume (I am a bit biased though)
    • Started rolling over in his sleep and now prefers to sleep on his belly (and sleeps so much better this way)
    • Will now occasionally fall asleep on my shoulder. Before he would only sleep in a reclined position
    • Loved feeding the cows with Granddad and Grammy. He thought the horse was so funny, too
    • Visited Great-Granddad Connie's house for the first time and helped him celebrate his 80th birthday

    Things to look forward to:
    • First Thanksgiving!
    • Getting Emerson's first Christmas tree and decorating (hope he doesn't try to destroy the tree).
    This photo made me laugh out loud. One of his many, many expressions.
    I think he was making the "mmmm" sound with his mouth when I snapped the photo.





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