Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Emerson's First Christmas: Part 1

As always, I took a TON of photos and had a hard time narrowing down which ones to post, so I am just going to do this in a series.

Jesse, Emerson and I celebrated our family Christmas on Dec. 21 before we headed to Oklahoma.

Emerson didn't really care much about the tree this year (thank goodness), but we also never really play in our dinning room, so he was never around it.

The lights were mesmerizing.

Time to open presents!

Emerson's loot pile.

He was great at opening presents and being interested in the whole process. He, of course, especially loved playing with the wrapping paper.

He loved the activity cube we got him.
I loved getting to celebrate Christmas traditions this year with a child. Even if he is too little to remember, it makes it so much more special!

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  1. I bet that cube keeps him busy for a long time! We need to come visit again so Jack can play with all of Emerson's new toys. ;)


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