Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ten Months Old: The World is His Jungle Gym

Up, down, over, around...there is no obstacle too big for Emerson to overcome. He loves to crawl over everything and is now pulling up on everything. We are learning slowly as to what it now "safe" in our house, and the answer is very little. Emerson is always finding something that is potentially dangerous or harmful, I guess that just comes with the territory of an emerging mobile baby.

I think walking is not too far off in the future. He has taken his first steps, assisted of course. He took several strides the other day while holding on to the couch, yikes!

Emerson has also started mimicking more and more. He loves to blow spit bubbles, stick out his tongue, and repeat words, or at least try.

Oh what a little boy he is turning into. It always makes me a little sad when I look back at pictures from when he was just a few months old. It's still hard to believe how much change has already happened and yet so much more to go.

Here he is giving me his fake grin, just to please the camera lady.

Here is a breakdown of all his activities this month:

Sleeping: His middle of the night feeding has been eliminated and with very little fuss on Emerson's part. I was way more nervous about the change than he was: ) He now sleeps all night long, which means this momma gets to sleep all night, yay! The funny part is, I still naturally wake up around 3 a.m. I guess my body needs to reset and to learn how to sleep through the night again.

Eating: Emerson has pretty much given up on pureed foods. I still have some that I made and froze from earlier that I give him on occasion, but he prefers table food. The list of new foods he has had is endless, so I stopped keep track. He has tried lasagna, pizza, beef/veggie stew, grilled chicken, steak and lots of new fruits/veggies.

Activity: Emerson now pulls up on everything! And he loves to push his limits, I have to watch him like a hawk to make sure the things he pulls up on are secured to the ground. Certain toys have now become hazardous because of how easily they tip over on him. I am sure once he is walking, this won't be as big of an issue...then we will have a whole set of new issues ; )

There's a real smile.

Doctor visit stats:

No doctors visit this month.

Likes, dislikes and other milestones:

      • Favorite toys (right now): he received two sit-to-stand toys at Christmas that help encourage walking and he loves to play all over those. His ball (or any ball) is still so fun for him
      • Favorite foods: grapes, toast, blacked eye peas, any pasta with sauce, puffs (still)
      • Top two teeth have come in
      • Loves to take walks. Recently the weather has started to warm up and we take several walks a day
      • Thinks belly buttons and people brushing their teeth are so funny, he giggles every time
      • Can now wave hi/bye, still working on clapping
      • He understands the word "up" and reaches for me every time I say it
      • Jesse and I have conflicting views on his first word, but it was definitely "momma."
      • He has added a new word to his vocabulary, bubble! And he actually knows what it means. I always read a "Bubbles, Bubble" book to him and last Sunday I gave him the book and without being prompted he said "bub, bub" and now anytime we blow bubbles, he says the word. It is adorable.
      • Has learned how to give High Fives
      • We took our first family vacation, just the three of us. We went to Fredericksberg and Austin, TX
      • Celebrated Jesse's  28th birthday and first Valentines Day
      • Thinks the word "no" is funny

      Things to look forward to:
      • Gramma and Pops come to visit!

      He has started to learn to bring his hands together. He is so close to clapping!


          1. What a sweetie. I love his smile!


          2. Oh, Heather! He is just adorable! I love your reading your blog for many reasons - 1. Because it's great. 2. Because I kind of feel like we're hanging out again. 3. It's so nice to read what you and Emerson are doing and mentally prep for what Skye and I will be doing in a few months!


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