Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Usually our weekends consist of relaxing, getting a few chores done and spending time with friends, but this weekend we decided to shake things up and take a little trip. We traveled to the Hill Country of Texas, Fredericksburg, and then Austin.

The weather could not have been more beautiful. It was sunny with a high of 75. It was a perfect day for a hike.

We hiked up Enchanted Rock and it was much harder than it appeared.

Emerson liked to be carried backpack style.
It was a bit windy at the top.

All that walking tired this little guy out. I still can't believe he fell asleep in that thing.
Somehow we didn't take any pictures while we were in the town of Fredericksburg, but we mainly just walked around downtown and went out to eat.
We left the next morning for Austin to tour our state Capitol.

We wrapped up the weekend by watching the Super Bowl in our comfy theater room.

 PJs and sweat pants were a requirement to watch the game.
That wraps up our weekend! What a nice way to end January and start February.


  1. Such a fun weekend! We always wanted to go to Fredericksburg, but never got the chance. that an Ergo I see? How does Emerson like it?

    1. It might have been the time of year (off season), but I was a little dissappointed in Fredericksberg. We still had a great time though and I am glad we went.

      We borrowed the Ergo. He liked it! I think he still prefers to be facing outward so he can see, but my back just can't support him in our Bjorn anymore.


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